Wild Child
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Don Heckman
Year: 1985
Director: Bill Reed
Production No: PP064


Kowl and Bow are in the midst of an argument, as Bow claims that Kowl is responsible for destroying his vegetable garden. Something is causing the plants of the Whispering Woods to wither and die, and the villagers blame the wolves. That night, rebel patrols spot the wolves in the midst of a white ghost, prompting Adora to investigate. She finds a strange locket on the ground in the area where the ghost was spotted, the locket bearing the symbol of the Green Island kingdom. 

Adora gives the locket to Madame Razz and Broom, and sends them to Green Island to ask King Arbor if he can shed any light on its origins. Meanwhile, Adora has an encounter with the white ghost and the wolves herself, transforming into She-Ra to dodge the wolves. As she goes to find the strange ghost she saw, she observes a group of angry woodsman chasing a wolf, blaming it for their dying crops. She saves the creature, just as Madame Razz and Broom come crashing into the forest. 

Madame Razz reveals that the locket had belonged to Princess Allegra, King Arbor's daughter, who disappeared in a shipwreck five years ago, when she was seven. Adora decides to consult Mermista to see if she knows anything about the shipwreck or Princess Allegra. Mermista calls upon the knowledge of the sea creatures to learn that the shipwreck was caused by a monsoon, and that Princess Allegra washed ashore, where she was rescued by the white wolves. 

At that moment, Princess Allegra reveals her presence to Adora, who realizes that the mysterious white ghost was actually Princess Allegra. Allegra considers herself the princess of a new kingdom, the animal kingdom, and tells Adora that the white fangs are not responsible for the plant damage. She has been adopted by the white fangs and raised as one of their own, and considers a white fang named Ala to be her sister. They only want to live in peace, but the woodsmen are harassing the wolves. 

When Adora summons her father, she reluctantly agrees to meet with him. In the interim, she tries to integrate into the polite society of the rebel camp. She is mocked for her appearance, her hygiene, and her table manners. She reveals an ability to speak with the wolves, when the woodsmen begin to chase Ala. Allegra goes to help her sister, as does Adora, by transforming into She-Ra. 

The woodsmen notice that the ground beneath their feet is getting hot, which wilts and browns the greenery. Allegra rescues Ala, and She-Ra deduces that lava tunnels must run from Mount Candela underneath the Whispering Woods, causing the problems. She-Ra summons Swift Wind, and together they make waves, which flood the tunnels and cool the ground. Allegra agrees to return with her father to the Green Island, because she is needed there, but she says a tearful goodbye to her animal family and assures them that they will always be a part of her heart and that she loves them dearly.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens 

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