The Greatest Magic
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Larry DiTillio
Year: 1985
Director: Tom Tataranowicz
Production No: PP065


Orko has been visiting Etheria, trading magical spells with Madame Razz, in the hopes that both of them might hone their talents. Orko prepares to return to Eternia through a dimensional gate when a spinning whirlwind begins to chase him. Seeing the danger, Adora transforms into She-Ra to save her friend. However, the whirlwind gives them both chase, and ends up sucking them both into it, subsequently vanishing. Orko and She-Ra find themselves on Orko's home planet of Trolla. 

They are greeted by Orko's uncle Montork, who has summoned his nephew because the Crimson Council has disappeared. The Crimson Council is the group of Trolla's most powerful magicians, who combine their abilities to keep all the magic of Trolla running smoothly. Montork's students are doing their best to keep the magic alive until they find the council, but it is proving very difficult. She-Ra and Orko agree to collaborate and investigate the disappearance, much to Dree Elle's chagrin. 

Dree Elle is immediately very jealous of Orko's friendship with the very attractive She-Ra, and so she plans to tag along and keep on eye on them. Together, they all go the Unfortress of the High Muck-Muck, where they are greeted by the High Muck-Muck and Muckess Isabella. Suddenly, the alarms begin to sound and a strange crab-like machine emerges from underground and begins to attack the Unfortress. She-Ra tries to destroy it, but it keeps repairing itself, until she finally is able to spin it away, causing it to crash and collapse. 

A camera emerges from the machine and spies on She-Ra and the Trollans, as the mastermind of the plot looks on, planning to renew his attempt to kidnap the High Muck-Muck and the Muckess. Orko is convinced that the culprit is Doctor Zoog, who believes that Trolla should be run by machines, not magic. However, Doctor Zoog is believed to be in a prison compound in the Sing-Song Sea. 

She-Ra, Orko, Dree Elle, and Montork plan to confirm that suspicion, cautiously entering the prison, where they face robotic electroids capable of draining their strength, and Doctor Zoog himself, who has escaped and taken control of the prison. She-Ra uses debris to disable the electroids without touching them. They learn that Zoog has captured the Crimson Council on board his ship, and while She-Ra makes quick work of the escaped Trollan prisoners, Zoog abducts Dree Elle as his hostage and escapes in his ship. He is charging his ray with the council's magic, planning to use it to banish the High Muck-Muck, the Muckess, and the Unfortress to another dimension, allowing him to conquer Trolla. 

She-Ra uses her might to physically move the Unfortress, but it takes all of her strength. Zoog readies another shot, but She-Ra is too weak to accomplish another feat of strength. Montork reveals that because Orko and Dree Elle are in love, Orko should be able to channel his magic through Dree Elle, allowing her to free herself and stop Zoog's ray. Doctor Zoog is captured, and Orko, Dree Elle, Montork, and She-Ra are awarded special medals, given only to Trolla's greatest heroes. Dree Elle learns that Orko's love for her was the greatest magic of all, allowing their victory.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens 

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