Return Of The General
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Bob Forward
Year: 1986
Director: Richard Trueblood
Production No: PP067


In the kingdom of Bright Moon, a mother named Mali plays with her young daughter Tilsi. Tilsi is pretending to be a soldier, just as her father used to be. Mali reminds Tilsi that her father is no longer a soldier; he is a farmer now. Sunder appears and hugs his happy daughter. Mali and Sunder are thankful they live in Bright Moon, one of the few places on Etheria that is safe from the Horde. 

After nearly being hit by a missile She-Ra lands at Castle Bright Moon, and Bow explains that the Horde has started a sudden attack on Bright Moon. Hordak immediately demands the capture of She-Ra. She-Ra destroys Hordak's tanks, sending his forces into retreat, in order to regroup for a further assault. 

Sunder goes to gather supplies for his family, and She-Ra goes off seeking his help in the coming battle. Sunder is reluctant to join the battle, because he now has a family. 

Hordak devises a new strategy to capture piecemeal farms one by one, in order to slowly bring Bright Moon under his control. Toward this aim, he kidnaps Mali and Tilsi, which provokes Sunder to suit up and go to war to fight for his family, in order to regain the peace he once had. 

At Bright Moon, Queen Angella receives a threat from Hordak that resistance will endanger the prisoners. Sunder decides that he will go to the Fright Zone and free the prisoners while Adora and the rebels prepare for Hordak's next attack. General Sunder sneaks into the Fright Zone via an outlet, and moves toward the dungeon where the prisoners are being kept. 

Queen Angella and Glimmer stand in defense of Castle Bright Moon, as Adora transforms into She-Ra to confront Hordak's air assault. General Sunder frees the prisoners from the dungeons, and together they attempt to escape from the Fright Zone. While She-Ra deals with Hordak's battalion of Batmeks, Hordak returns to the Fright Zone to deal with the prisoners. He fires upon the rebels and the prisoners as they escape, but Sunder is able to destroy Hordak's freeze ray despite having been hit by that same ray.

She-Ra diverts Hordak's attention, allowing the prisoners to escape. When She-Ra slices Hordak's ship in two, he and Mantenna parachute out as the rebels return to the safety of Whispering Woods. General Sunder resumes his life with his family, but promises that if the rebellion ever need him again, he will be there to assist in any way he can.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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