Romeo And Glimmer
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Don Heckman
Year: 1986
Director: Tom Tataranowicz
Production No: PP079


At the Fright Zone, Hordak is inspecting the workmanship of Entrapta's new device, the Trapper Tank, which Hordak plans to use to attack Bright Moon. Meanwhile, rebel scouts have captured Horde Corporal Romeo and delivered him to Castle Bright Moon. Glimmer confounds Romeo by offering to help treat and bandage his wounded arm. Romeo has been duped by the Horde into believing that the rebels are bad, and need to be conquered. But seeing Glimmer treating his injury, despite them being enemies, prompts him to ask for Glimmer's friendship. 

As Entrapta and Imp bicker, Hordak uses the Trapper Tank to launch his assault on Bright Moon's force-dome. It fires suction disks, which adhere to the dome and drain it of its energy, weakening it. Recognizing the danger, Adora finds a safe place to transform into She-Ra. 

Meanwhile, Glimmer has to leave Romeo behind in the medical room so that she can fortify Bright Moon's defense, and he promises not to escape. Back at the battle, She-Ra awaits the Trapper Tank as it barrels through the force dome. She deflects the Trapper Tank's blast, which was siphoned from the force-dome, and destroys the suction disks. Lifting the Trapper Tank above her head, she tosses Hordak and Entrapta back to the Fright Zone. 

Back at the medical center, Romeo is debating his role within the Horde, trying to reconcile the version of events he has been fed by the Horde with the reality of the rebellion that he has seen. Unfortunately, he decides that he is a loyal soldier to the Horde, and uses his bed sheets to secretly climb down from Castle Bright Moon. As he climbs down, he overhears Queen Angella and the rebels in the throne room, discussing the fact that their force dome has been disabled for the immediate future, weakening their defenses. He decides to share this information with Hordak. Glimmer learns that Corporal Romeo has escaped, and disappointed with his broken promise, she resolves to bring him back. 

To ensure her safety, Adora sends Kowl along with Glimmer, so that if she finds herself in trouble, he can fly back to Bright Moon for help. At the edge of the Whispering Woods, Glimmer intercepts Corporal Romeo and some Horde Troopers. Romeo grabs her from behind and takes her prisoner, as Kowl follows. Romeo delivers her to the Fright Zone, along with the information he has learned. Entrapta recharges her Trapper Tank for the attack, as the Horde Troopers get rough with Glimmer escorting her to the deepest dungeons of the Fright Zone. When Romeo objects to the treatment of Glimmer, Hordak punishes his insolence by ordering him to be taken to the dungeons as well. Romeo has learned the lesson that real soldiers do not abduct and imprison innocent people in dungeons, and decides to follow Adora's example and defect to the rebellion. 

Kowl tells Adora of Glimmer's capture, and She-Ra and Swift Wind soon arrive to free them. Glimmer and Romeo flee the Fright Zone, as She-Ra dispatches with the Horde Troopers. Hordak tries to harness the energies of the Fright Zone's magnetic pole center to defeat her, but she is able to deflect those energies to destroy his dungeons, freeing the prisoners in the process. She abandons Hordak and returns to the Whispering Woods, where Queen Angella welcomes Romeo into the Great Rebellion. Glimmer is especially pleased that he has joined them, being quite smitten with him.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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