Just The Way You Are
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Carol Baxter
Year: 1986
Director: Lou Kachivas
Production No: PP081


Prince Adam is visiting Bright Moon to attend to rebel circus. Glimmer is quite fond of Adam, but Queen Angella is approached by King Darkspur, who has frequently asked her for Glimmer's hand in marriage and who has come to renew that request. 

Meanwhile, a young boy named Drew is practicing his tricks and juggling in preparation for the circus, but when he tries to garner his father's attention, he realizes that his father is more interested in his brother Marsh and his high-wire act. Adora tries to cheer him up, but Drew is convinced that his father loves Marsh more than him. He feels as though his talents as a juggler are not as appreciated as Marsh's acrobatic skills. Elsewhere, King Darkspur orders his guards to abduct Glimmer, believing that within a few days in his dungeons, she will be begging to marry him. Drew decides to practice more dangerous feats, beginning with an attempt to cross a rickety hanging bridge, but it collapses, putting him in peril. 

Adam and Adora arrive to use their gymnastic abilities to save him. Adam helps Adora to leap to the other side of the ravine, where she climbs down the bridge and grabs Drew. Meanwhile, Adam uses a vine as a rope to swing across and grab them, pulling them to safety. Drew seeks isolation, and when he goes to practice his juggling, he witnesses King Darkspur's guards capture Glimmer. He tries to intervene, but is captured himself. Sprocker sees all of this from the bushes where he is hiding, and runs to tell the others. 

Adam and Adora decide to pose as a traveling circus in order to rescue Glimmer and Drew, while Caleb, Drew's father, insists on joining them. They invite King Darkspur to watch their performance, and he brings Glimmer to join him. Adam keeps the King entertained while Adora transforms into She-Ra to save Drew. However, Caleb arrives at the dungeons before her, signaling to Drew that he has arrived to save him, only to end up captured and imprisoned as well. 

She-Ra tunnels beneath the dungeons and emerges to free them, defeating the guards with Caleb's help. They escape to the outside of the castle, where She-Ra uses a balancing ball to bowl the guards over. Adam uses his elephant to save Glimmer, and as the elephant is spooked, it begins to bring the tent down. Glimmer leaves the scene for safety, while Adam transforms into He-Man, and together with She-Ra, they use the tent to tie up King Darkspur and his guards long enough for them to escape back to the rebel camp. Drew learns that his father loves him so much that he risked his life to save him, as Adam teases that he should take the elephant back to Eternia with him.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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