Shera Makes A Promise
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Denis Higgins
Year: 1986
Director: Tom Sito
Production No: PP083


In honor of She-Ra's recent victory over two hundred of the Horde's Batmeks the rebels decide to hold a celebration. In the midst of their celebration suggestions about what they should eat are brought up, and Bow mentions Madame Razz's specialty, Golden Spuffles. Adora arrives, and says that she loves Golden Spuffles. A very smitten Sprocker goes to retrieve some Golden Spuffles for Adora, telling only Sprittina where he's going. 

While getting the resilient Spuffles, Sprocker falls into the Singing River, the currents taking him toward the Fright Zone. The rebels grow concerned about Sprocker, and Sprittina tells them where he is. Meanwhile, Sprocker is captured by Octavia who immediately presents him to Hordak. While Hordak is disappointed that She-Ra has eluded him, he plans to use Sprocker as bait, demanding that She-Ra come to the Fright Zone to save him. She-Ra bursts into the Fright Zone, but Hordak seeks to exchange Sprocker for her. Hordak promises to leave the rebels alone and release Sprocker, if She-Ra surrenders herself and promises never to escape. 

As Sprocker returns to tell the rebels, She-Ra debates breaking her promise, but resists. The rebels head to the Fright Zone to free her, but Hordak is able to personally ensnare the rebels. She-Ra is faced with a dilemma, as she can break free but has made a promise not to. She looks for an alternative, and begins to telepathically contact her brother He-Man. Adam receives the message, and He-Man arrives on Etheria just as Hordak is gloating to She-Ra about his capture of the rebels and his plans to send them to Beast Island. 

She-Ra realizes she is released from her promise because Hordak has not fulfilled his, and He-Man is able to free her, and they head off to attack Hordak's Command Ship. He-Man and She-Ra attempt to free the rebels from the ship, which sends Hordak fleeing. Unfortunately, the Horde Command Ship is out of control, and dive-bombs towards an island. He-Man and She-Ra get to the island first, and catch the ship before it can crash. The rebels are saved, while the heroic siblings exchange a farewell hug. He-Man enters a portal to go back to Eternia.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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