Bow's Magical Gift
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Philip Kassel
Year: 1986
Director: Lou Kachivas
Production No: PP084


Glimmer goes for a walk in the forest, only to find Shadow Weaver and Grizzlor waiting for her. They ambush and capture her in a stasis field, as Bow and She-Ra suddenly arrive to free her. Bow steals the magic wand which Shadow Weaver wields, and uses it to release Glimmer. As the Horde flee the scene, Bow is intrigued by the wizard's wand, and plans to continue testing its limits. 

Horde Prime arrives on Etheria to refuel his supplies on Horde World. He summons Hordak to appear before him, and Hordak reports that they will soon have captured Princess Glimmer. Horde Prime informs Hordak that his new factories on Horde World have been completed and that he desires Hordak to transport the entire village of Glenmar to Horde World to work as slave labor in these factories. Shadow Weaver and Grizzlor arrive to report their failure to Hordak, who is angry. 

Meanwhile, Bow is experimenting with the wizard's wand, demonstrating its powers to the Star Sisters, but in showing off, he frightens the Twiggets. He notices that the wand seems to be growing dimmer and weaker, but ignores it when Kowl arrives to tell them that Horde Troopers are stealing the grain from a nearby village in order to refuel Horde Prime's supplies. Bow uses the wand to easily defeat the Horde Troopers by sending their transport crashing into the ground, but in the process of their escape, the Horde transport's steering controls fail, endangering the entire village. Adora transforms into She-Ra and stops it. She-Ra tells Bow that the transport was out of control because he used the wand to slam it to the ground. She advises him that now that he wields a greater power, he must exercise greater responsibility. 

Learning of Hordak's repeated failures, Horde Prime summons him to a meeting, where he orders Hordak to make sure that Bow knows of their plan to capture the villagers of Glenmar. Horde Prime knows that Bow has grown overconfident now that he is using the wand, and that it will soon fail. They will then be able to capture Bow and use him as bait to capture the other rebels. 

Bow continues to show off the wand's power, attempting to attract the attention of Adora. Kowl arrives to tell them that Horde Prime plans to abduct the people of Glenmar to work in Horde slave camps. Bow decides to leave his bow behind, and races off to Glenmar with his wand, as Adora transforms into She-Ra to follow. However, she makes a detour at Mystacore, where she consults Castaspella about the wizard's wand. She learns that the wand's energies will soon be depleted, leaving Bow defenseless. Bow and Glimmer arrive at Glenmar, but when Bow attempts to use the wand, it fails, and the boulder that Bow had magical control over crashes to the ground, destroying an innocent man's home. She-Ra arrives to toss Bow his bow and arrows. Glimmer uses her light powers to fend off Shadow Weaver's dark magic, but in the battle that ensures, the wizard's wand is destroyed. 

The Horde are soon defeated in their attempt to conquer Glenmar by She-Ra and the rebels, who send them retreating. Horde Prime's anger is righteous at learning that Hordak's plan has failed. As Hordak faces an angry overlord, Bow resolves to help rebuild the home that he destroyed, and She-Ra, Glimmer, and the others join in, uniting to help one another as Bow learns a lesson in responsibility.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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This is the episode in which the Star Sisters make their one and only appearance on the show. They have now been immortalized with a trio of action figures.

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