Sweet Bee's Home
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Bob Forward
Year: 1986
Director: Tom Tataranowicz
Production No: PP085


Sweet Bee has scouted Etheria in her ship as a possible place for her people to take up residence. Hordak detects her alien scout ship and orders that it be shot down.

Meanwhile, Adam and Adora are engaged in surveillance at the Fright Zone, when they see Hordak's forces open fire upon Sweet Bee's ship. Adam and Adora transform into He-Man and She-Ra, and they head with Swift Wind toward the Polar Sea, where the ship has likely crashed. Along the way, they decide they may need help, and recruit Mermista to help. Frosta invites herself along to help as well, and she engages in quite heated flirtation with He-Man, much to He-Man's dismay. They ride Enchanta to the Polar Sea, where Hordak has already arrived to recover the ship and its alien weapons. The Horde open fire and manage to hit Enchanta, stunning the flying swan and causing them to fall to the sea below. 

Frosta uses her power to create an ice shelf upon which they can float as they hatch their plan: He-Man and Frosta will deal with the Horde while She-Ra and Mermista will swim beneath the waters to recover the passenger of the ship. Again, Frosta remains quite amorous with He-Man. As He-Man saves Frosta from a falling block of ice, He-Man lands on top of her, and she takes advantage of the compromising situation to again persist in her flirtation. Embarrassed by her advancements, He-Man heads into battle again. 

While the Horde recover the ship, Mermista and She-Ra are able to free the pilot and together they swim to shore, where they find He-Man and Frosta in close quarters. He-Man loosens Frosta's grip and goes to help his sister with the passenger. When He-Man removes Sweet Bee's helmet, he is smitten by her beauty, much to Frosta's dismay. They take Sweet Bee to Whispering Woods, where Sweet Bee tells them that her planet's sun was destroyed, and that she was acting as an advance scout from the Hive to find a new home for her planet's people. Sweet Bee had given them an affirmative report about Etheria before being brought down by Hordak, and thus, the Hive colony ship is on its way to Etheria. 

Back at the Fright Zone, Sweet Bee's ship receives a radio transmission, and Shadow Weaver poses as Sweet Bee to learn that the Hive colony is on its way. Hordak is eager to have ten thousand new slaves to do his bidding. 

She-Ra, He-Man, Sweet Bee, Mermista, and Frosta arrive at the Fright Zone, hoping to get Sweet Bee reunited with her ship so that she can journey back to the Hive. Frosta is anxious to get Sweet Bee on her way, so that she can monopolize He-Man's attention. After fending off a large squad of Horde Troopers, Shadow Weaver, and Hordak, they arrive at the ship, where they learn that Hordak has destroyed the communication system. There is no way to warn the Hive. He-Man tears an opening in the Fright Zone's wall, and both he and She-Ra cooperate to launch the ship into space, where its rocket's boosters successfully fire enabling her to report back to her people about the Horde's presence on Etheria. 

Sweet Bee's ship does indeed return to the Hive, and He-Man regrets that he didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Sweet Bee. Frosta once again expresses her affection for He-Man, prompting him to cut his visit short, but not before Frosta is able to steal a kiss from him.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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