Glimmer Come Home
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Steven J. Fisher
Year: 1986
Director: Ernie Schmidt
Production No: PP086


Horde Troopers are stealing the rebels' food supply from a warehouse, hoping to starve the rebels out of the Whispering Woods and into Hordak's clutches. Adora, Bow, and Glimmer plan to stop their raids. Glimmer is anxious to race into battle and destroy the Horde Troopers, but Adora overrules her, choosing a different course of action. Glimmer is quite jealous of Adora's leadership, and begins to question her authority. Glimmer seethes with anger as she has to report to Madame Razz in order to meet with Adora. When they finally do meet, they disagree about the planned attack on the Horde. Adora thinks the rebels should distract the Horde with a light show from Glimmer so they can break open the food warehouse, but Glimmer believes that the rebels should use force to stop the Horde because force is the only thing they listen to. Glimmer leaves to formulate her own plan of attack to retrieve the food, undermining Adora's leadership in the process. 

Imp has been watching these events and flies back to the Fright Zone to report them to his Hordak. Hordak is pacing the Fright Zone, confounded at why his starvation plan has yet to yield results, especially since Horde Prime has ordered results by the end of the week. Shadow Weaver develops a plan to defeat the rebels with the help of one of their number. As Glimmer sits at the edge of Mirror Lake, staring at her reflection, it begins to talk to her, telling her everything she's been thinking. Glimmer grows convinced in this conversation with "herself" that she should start her own rebellion and prove that she is every bit as good a leader as Adora, and determines that she will fortify her rebellion with disillusioned Horde Troopers. However, Glimmer is unaware that she is being tempted into these acts by Shadow Weaver, who disguises herself as a Wubble in order to join Glimmer's rebellion and foment dissention. Shadow Weaver tells her Horde Troopers to fall in line behind Glimmer's orders. 

Meanwhile, Adora and Bow are growing worried about Glimmer, not only because of her recent jealous behavior, but also because they will need her to carry out their plan the following day. Adora and Spirit transform into She-Ra and Swift Wind. They search for Glimmer and soon find her with the Horde Troopers. Assuming Glimmer is in danger, She-Ra assaults the Troopers, but Glimmer warns that the Troopers are her friends. She claims that she is no longer friends with the rebels. She-Ra dismisses that suggestion and assures Glimmer that they are all on the same side, and that it is not a competition, but Glimmer persists in her march to secure the food supplies. She-Ra grows suspicious of the Wubble that has joined Glimmer, after it mentions the battle of Dark Woods. She-Ra and Bow follow Glimmer to keep an eye on her, as She-Ra suddenly realizes that the only other person who knew of the battle of Dark Woods was Shadow Weaver. 

Glimmer is captured when Shadow Weaver reveals herself during their attempt on the Horde food warehouse. She-Ra and Glimmer decide to work together to save the supplies. Shadow Weaver uses her power to transform the supply warehouse into a rocket, which flies into the air. Glimmer destroys the lasers that it employs, while She-Ra clips its wings, and uses a rope to secure it. Swift Wind flies them across the villages of Etheria, as they use parachutes to deliver the food back to the hungry people from which it was stolen. Having won the day, Glimmer discovers that no one job in the Rebellion is more important than another, and that her teammates are also her friends, who care deeply for her.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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