Hordak's Power Play
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Brooks Wachtel and Tom Bagen
Year: 1986
Director: Bill Nunes
Production No: PP089


Hordak and Shadow Weaver are observing the Horde monitor, which has detected a ship entering Etherian airspace. They recognize that the ship is an Argonian ship, and Shadow Weaver reminds Hordak at Argonian power cells are the greatest source of energy in the galaxy. Hordak hopes to retrieve the power cell from the ship and use it to power his new device, which can create a powerful force dome around the Whispering Woods that even She-Ra cannot defeat. 

The ship crashes into a nearby village, prompting Hordak to scramble his troops to recover the ship. Bow and Adora have also learned that the ship has crashed, and they also recognize that the Argonian power cell would be dangerous in Horde hands, so they too converge on the village. At the crash site, the pilot, who is named Larg, emerges from his ship and immediately begins ordering the villagers around, as they help him get his ship to safety. Larg is cautious of the planet Etheria, recognizing that it is run by the Horde. 

Adora and Bow arrive at the crash site and follow the tracks back to the nearby village, where Adora sees the villagers scurrying to follow Larg's orders. Adora transforms into She-Ra and confronts Larg, who accuses her of being a Horde officer. She quickly demonstrates her strength and proves that she is not a member of the Horde, earning his trust. He describes how his ship was shot down by the Horde, but at that moment, Hordak arrives with a squad of Horde tanks and demands that the villagers produce the ship for him. She-Ra demolishes the tanks, but one of the Horde machines shoots a hole in the ground, causing Larg and Bow to fall in, while Hordak fires at the house behind them, causing the rubble to cover the opening. The pair of them are safe for a time, but as She-Ra attempts to fend off his blasts, Hordak stuns her. He retrieves the ship and carries it back to the Fright Zone, while Bow and Larg tend to She-Ra. Larg reveals that his Sensotron monitors the safety of his power cell, and that it indicates that the power cell is very unstable, threatening to explode. If it explodes, the energy is so massive that it might destroy all of Etheria. 

They travel to the Fright Zone to stop it, as Hordak and Shadow Weaver tap the power cell's energy and use it to power the force dome generator. Hordak orders the Fright Zone at high alert, as Catra engages Larg, She-Ra, and Bow outside the Fright Zone. The generator creates a dome which covers the Fright Zone, but the power cell threatens to overload and explode. She-Ra tears into the Fright Zone, and seeing the danger, Hordak and Shadow Weaver try to teleport away, but the force dome they've generated around the Fright Zone traps them, and they are unable to break through it. She-Ra spins at high speed, and is able to use her sword to drill a hole into the very top of the dome. She uses her sword as a rope to pull the generator out of the Fright Zone and swing it into space, where it safely explodes. With the power cell no longer powering the generator, the force dome shrinks, but the residual energy is enough to trap Hordak in a dome. She-Ra, Larg, and Bow leave the Fright Zone, and She-Ra is able to contact Larg's planet, so that they may pick him up.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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