Assault On The Hive
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Bob Forward
Year: 1986
Director: Richard Trueblood
Production No: PP091


At the Crystal Castle, She-Ra is communicating with Sweet Bee concerning the Bee People's progress in finding a new home. Sweet Bee is thankful to She-Ra and He-Man for helping her to escape the Horde in time to warn her colony at the Hive. She-Ra regrets that the Bee People refused to stay on Etheria and join the Rebellion, but Sweet Bee resists the need to fight. They say farewell to each other, unaware that another figure has been observing their communication. 

At Snake Mountain, Skeletor has intercepted their communication and hatches a plan to invade the Hive and capture the Bee People, using them as his soldiers in order to overthrow Horde Prime and conquer the universe. With Beast Man and Trap Jaw, Skeletor wages an assault on the Hive, destroying their monitors so that they may not contact help. Sweet Bee needs to obtain She-Ra's help once more, so she flees from Skeletor to her scout craft, dodging the villain's magic blasts. 

Back on Etheria, She-Ra is concluding a battle with Catra with the help of Netossa. Catra has been attempting to terrorize the village and levy burdensome Horde taxes, so She-Ra intervenes and prepares to return the money collected. She-Ra sees the scout craft, noting it looks familiar to her. She realizes that it is Sweet Bee, and together with Swift Wind, she leads her to a safe landing space. 

Meanwhile, on Eternia, Prince Adam and Cringer are fishing at the bottomless abyss around Castle Grayskull when Adam receives an urgent summons from She-Ra, requesting He-Man's help in defeating his foes, Skeletor and his Evil Warriors. Adam transforms into He-Man and arrives on Etheria to help Sweet Bee. In order to fly to the Hive, Swift Wind summons the help of a friend, a winged horse who emerges from the sun, named Crystal Sundancer. He-Man and She-Ra ride Crystal Sundancer to the Hive. 

Skeletor is disappointed that there are no weapons aboard the colony, so he orders Trap Jaw to convert their tools into weaponry. He also manages to use his magic to break the Bee People's wills, turning them into his slaves. 

As She-Ra and He-Man approach, He-Man spots a Meteorb being chased through space by several evil Dinosorbs, and floats over to help. In gratitude for the help, the Meteorb, Comet Cat, gives He-Man a lift in order to rejoin She-Ra. Sweet Bee and She-Ra have arrived at the Hive, where Trap Jaw deploys the new weapons at them, capturing Sweet Bee in a stasis field. She-Ra pulls the ship free of the field, but she is hit by one of Trap Jaw's freeze rays. He-Man arrives and gains the upper hand, tossing the frozen block of ice into the Hive, freeing his sister and Crystal Sundancer. 

As Trap Jaw flees into space, Sweet Bee goes after him. Comet Cat helps in the battle by retrieving Skeletor before he is able to re-exert his control over the ship. Defeated, Skeletor teleports back to Snake Mountain, but He-Man and She-Ra have captured Beast Man, and Sweet Bee also delivers Trap Jaw, who she captured. The Bee People thank She-Ra and He-Man for teaching them that their freedom is always worth fighting for. Seeing that they still need a permanent home, She-Ra once again asks them to come to Etheria and join the Rebellion in the fight against the Horde, and this time, they accept.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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