The Bibbet Story
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Don Heckman
Year: 1987
Director: Marsh Lamore
Production No: PP092


At the Fright Zone, Hordak is ordering new attacks on the rebellion in the town of Devlan, demanding that they get rid of She-Ra once and for all. She-Ra awaits them at the town square, deflecting their blasts and causing the Horde Troopers to crash into one another. She rolls nearby logs at the Horde Troopers, toppling them. As the Horde tanks continue their approach, she tears a gap in the ground, causing the Horde tanks to fall into it, and then closes the gap, burying the destroyed robot tanks. Hordak blames Mantenna for his failure at Devlan, as Shadow Weaver reports that the loss of Horde tanks and Troopers was vast. She tells Hordak that in order to fortify their army, they need a new factory with new workers. Shadow Weaver proposes that they go to Bibbet Land, to capture the Bibbets and use them as slaves to build their robot army. 

Meanwhile, Bow and Adora are also visiting Bibbet Land, when they discover the Horde factory being built nearby. Deciding to attack the next morning, Bow and Adora try to get some rest, but in the midst of the darkness, two Bibbets steal their weapons. They awaken as the Bibbets are escaping, and give chase, but they are lured into a Bibbet trap. The Bibbets believe that Adora and Bow are more Horde soldiers, and so they present their prisoners to their Bibbet Elder. He believes that Adora and Bow are not members of the Horde and orders them set free with their weapons. The Bibbet Elder explains that the Bibbets are a peaceful people, living in harmony with nature as avowed pacifists. The Bibbet Elder refuses to fight, but the two Bibbets that Adora and Bow encountered, Koo and Bee, escape with their weapons in order to fight the Horde.

Adora and Bow need to find them before the Horde does, and so they go after them. Koo and Bee foolishly try to fight the Horde Troopers alone, but are captured. Seeing this, Bow plans to keep the Troopers busy, while Adora attacks them from the trees. Adora swings down and helps Bow to destroy the Troopers, but not before the Troopers are able to issue a distress signal. Adora grabs her sword and uses it to cut Koo and Bee free. She asks Bow to take the Bibbets back to their village to ensure their safety, as she transforms into She-Ra. The Horde begins an air assault, but She-Ra is able to deflect the blasts destroying the Batmeks and Horde Troopers. 

Back at the Bibbet village, Bow implores the Bibbets to stand up for themselves in order to protect their peaceful existence. Bow tells them that fighting is necessary as a last resort in order to secure their freedom, and unless they fight back, they will never truly be free. The Bibbets decide to fight, and help She-Ra elude a group of Horde Troopers. She-Ra lifts the Horde tank nearby and tosses it to destroy the factory, sending a clear warning to Hordak not to rebuild.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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