Swifty's Baby
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: J. Larry Carroll and Arthur H. Nadel
Year: 1986
Director: Ed Friedman
Production No: PP093


Originaly aired on December 5, 1987

Swift Wind and She-Ra are flying excitedly, because Swift Wind is in a very good mood. He promises She-Ra that he has a very big surprise to show her, but they are temporarily sidetracked by a Horde patrol which is menacing the Bibbets. Catra has ordered the Bibbets captured, and as they flee from the Horde tanks, She-Ra drops in and demolishes the Horde Troopers. She-Ra battles Catra alone, as Catra assumes her cat-form, but She-Ra launches well water at her, dousing Catra's will to fight and sending her retreating. 

Imp is intrigued as he spies She-Ra and Swift Wind talking about Swift Wind's big surprise. Swift Wind hints that the surprise is something tiny, and yet it is the biggest thing that has ever happened to him, She-Ra happy to see Swift Wind so jubilant. She-Ra and Swift Wind fly to Unicorn Island, where Swift Wind introduces her to Star Wind, his mate. Star Wind reveals that she and Swift Wind will soon have a baby, which delights She-Ra as she shares in the happiness of her friends. 

As Imp reveals all of this to Hordak, Shadow Weaver suggests that Hordak capture Star Wind, using her as precious bait to draw She-Ra into their trap and capture her once and for all, using the new indestructible force-field that the Horde have developed. Swift Wind and Star Wind go for a celebratory flight, leaving She-Ra to bask in the happiness of her friends. Hordak is flying in an airship nearby, where he orders Mantenna to use the Capture-Bots to seize Star Wind. She-Ra senses that Swift Wind is in trouble, and as she arrives, she sees that Star Wind has been captured in a stasis field. Swift Wind attempts to rescue Star Wind using his strength to purposely collide with the Horde airship. Unfortunately this causes him to lose control of his flight, and he falls to the island, badly injured and concerned only for the safety of Star Wind and his baby. She-Ra heals Swift Wind, assuring him that they will rescue Star Wind. Swift Wind is desperate that they act quickly, because Star Wind is due to deliver any moment, and if the baby is born outside of Unicorn Island, it will not be a unicorn, only a normal horse. 

The Unicorn King arrives to offer the aid of his people in the rescue mission. Swift Wind receives a distress signal from Star Wind, sensing that she will soon deliver the baby. She-Ra and Swift Wind fly toward Beast Island where Star Wind is being held, but Hordak generates a force-field to shield the island. She-Ra is determined to save Star Wind, so she dives into the water and tunnels through Beast Island, where she arrives to save Star Wind. 

However, Hordak uses that moment to capture She-Ra in the indestructible force-field, leaving her helpless as Star Wind prepares to give birth. Displaying the courage that comes from being a parent, Swift Wind dives into the water himself, using the tunnel that She-Ra had dug to arrive at their location. Hordak and Shadow Weaver are unaware that Swift Wind has joined them, and so She-Ra tricks them into revealing how the force-field controls work, so that Swift Wind can use that information to pull the lever and free them. She-Ra turns the tables on Hordak and Mantenna, trapping them in the indestructible force-field. 

Star Wind is unable to fly away to Unicorn Island. Water begins seeping into Beast Island through the hole that She-Ra had dug, which endangers Swift Wind, Star Wind, and the baby. She-Ra resolves to physically move the Etherian moons, which would cause the water to subside, as the gravitational pull controls the tides. She joins forces with the unicorns to move the moons, as Swift Wind stays behind to help support Star Wind as she delivers. She-Ra, the Unicorn King, and the others race back to Beast Island, so that they may greet Swift Wind's baby into the world. 

Because he was born outside of Unicorn Island, Swift Wind's baby is a normal horse. She-Ra asks her friend if that fact bothers him, to which he responds that just knowing that his child is healthy makes him incredibly happy, regardless of the fact that he is not a unicorn like his parents. However, this gives She-Ra an idea, remembering that Spirit was once a normal horse, as well. Uniting in a bond of love and hope, She-Ra and Swift Wind say the magic words, "For the honor of Grayskull!" An energy blast erupts from the Sword of Protection, striking Swift Wind's baby transforming it into a unicorn, as the baby sprouts two wings and a horn. She-Ra could not be happier for her greatest ally and best friend.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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