The Ultimate Challenge
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: The New Adventures of He-Man 1990-91
Season: 1
Writer: Jack Olesker
Year: 1990
Director: Kazuo Terada
Production No: NA005


Flogg blames Skeletor for their recent defeats. Skeletor isn’t about take a lecture from Flogg though, and reminds Flogg that his plans will make Flogg King of Primus, making Flogg calm down slightly. Above Primus, Hydron and Flipshot are sealing the holes in the shield thanks to a new invention by the Scientists. On Primus, Adam and Drissi are discussing the new war with the Mutants. There discussion is interrupted by the sound of Skeletors voice calling He-Man, and in a stunning image, a giant hologram of Skeletor appears in the sky Skeletor challenges him to an ‘ultimate challenge’ on the Cameroon Asteroid, then disappears. Adam rushes off to see Master Sebrian, and the two of them agree it is clearly a trap. But if it ends his battle with Skeletor and saves Primus, Adam is willing to accept the challenge. As Adam transforms to He-Man, the look on Sebrian's face is very telling, he’s very worried about whats going to happen, but knows He-Man has to go. In contrast to the concern between He-Man and Sebrian, we have Flogg worrying about He-Man not showing up. Skeletor assures Flogg that he will, because he knows him ‘so well’. Hydron and Flipshot tells He-Man they will protect the planet while he is gone. Hydron questions whether He-Man is ready to fly the Bolajet, of course, we all know He-Man can do pretty much anything. He-Man then takes off, with Hydron and Flipshot wishing him a safe journey. Meanwhile, the Scientists, once again bickering and arguing about their latest invention. Crax using a robotic chair to swerve around the room and elevate himself into the air. The machine they are using will detect the cracks in the shield around Primus and ultimately the strain they put on it trying to achieve their own personal objectives causes it to overload. The Scientists tell Sebrian, who worries that with He-Man gone they will be an easy target for the Mutants. He tells Hydron, who goes to Levitan where the Galactic Guardians are rushing to their Bolajets. Hydron leads them out to space to protect the planet. Skeletor and Flogg spot He-Man in his Bolajet on his way, and Flogg admits Skeletor was right, as they go the landing bay. Skeletor and Flogg begin marching down the landing dock, with the Mutant troopers standing to attention as they go past surrounded by tons of Shuttlepods ready for action. Before jumping into a shuttlepod. Flogg assures Skeletor that when he returns, he will be King of Primus. Skeletor then takes off, laughing as he races off to do battle with He-Man. In his ship, He-Man is suddenly contacted by the Sorceress, who assures him he is doing the right thing. The Sorceress assures He-Man she is always close by, it keeps with her caring nature that she assists He-Man even when he is so far away from her. The Sorceress tells He-Man to see with his heart, and remember the most incredible force comes from inside. Meanwhile, Flogg and Slush Head are happy that the moment they have been waiting for has come, an all out attack on Primus, and the attack begins. The Mutant Shuttlepods blast everything in sight, but there is strategy to their attack, and Hoove reports to Flogg he has taken out Primuses main radar station. Just as Flogg muses about encountering no resistance, the Guardians enter the battle and open fire on his Shuttlepod. Meanwhile, Gleep reports the attack to Master Sebrian, who realizes there only hope is to get He-Man back quickly, trouble is, no ship is fast enough except the Eternia, and only Caz knows how to fly it, Sebrian decides it is the only way, and Mara and Caz leave as the Mutants storm into Sebrians house. Crita, Lizzor and Karatti capture Sebrian and Drissi. He-Man arrives on the asteroid, where Skeletor is waiting. Just as the battle begins, Caz and Mara arrive, and Skeletor flees as they tell He-Man about the trap Skeletor set and the current invasion. Mara is very concerned they will hit He-Man when Caz is firing at Skeletor and the asteroids. Skeletor has only teleported himself a short distance however, and activates a device which attracts the asteroids in the asteroid field to He-Man's location. The asteroids begin to swarm in on He-Man, and he tells Mara and Caz to get back to the ship, just as his shield is sent flying from his hand by a large piece of rock, shortly followed by him losing his sword. Mara and Caz tearfully take their leave as He-Man hears the Sorceress voice again, and stands tall as the asteroids rain. Back on Primus, The Mutant attack is over, and Mutant Troopers are marching hundreds of prisoners aboard ships. The Starship Eternia returns, and is also captured, surrounded by Mutant Fighters and made to land. Mara and Caz tell Sebrian what has happened, who tells them to have faith, just as Hoove grabs Sebrian and shoves him towards the prisoners. Sebrian is taken to Levitan, where Skeletor and Flogg are waiting. Hydron is not a prisoner yet, and is speaking to Sebrian via a communicator, Sebrian tells him a complete surrender is all that will spare there peoples lives. Skeletor is overjoyed, believing he has finally destroyed He-Man, and telling Flogg ‘This is our day’. Flogg has Sebrian sign a treaty that will make the planet his, Sebrian protests that they have done this in front of the Fountain of Freedom, Skeletor mocks Sebrian and happily destroys the entire fountain with a blast from his staff. But just as the Fountain explodes, blue energy crackles and explodes out from the top, and suddenly He-Man rises from out of the energy. He-Man uses his sword to gather the debris from the exploded fountain, and sends it all flying back at the Mutants, who begins to panic and run back to their ships. Flogg shouts for his troopers to stay and fight, but finds himself fleeing soon enough, leaving only Skeletor behind. Skeletor, being rained upon by the debris of the fountain, finally decides to take his leave and teleporting away. Hydron and the Guardians return in their Bolajets and drive Flogg and the Mutants away, as Flogg cries out for a retreat. After the battle, The prisoners are all set free, and He-Man tells them that his heart would not let his body be defeated. He-Man promises he will always be there to defend the people of Primus.

Date: September 14, 1990

Characters: He-Man/Prince Adam, Mara, Master Sebrian, Caz, Drissi, Hydron, Flipshot, Gleep, Sorceress/Zoar, Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head, Crita, Lizzor, Karatti

Creatures: ------

Magic/Objects/Weapons: Sword Of Power, Hovering Robotic Chair

Locations: City Of LevitanVehicles: Bola Jets, Mutant Fighters, Shuttlepod

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