The Gift
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: The New Adventures of He-Man 1990-91
Season: 1
Writer: Jack Olesker
Year: 1990
Production No: NA011


Once again, the Evil Mutants attack the Planet Of Primus, with Shuttle Pods, flown by Flogg, Quakke and Slush Head. Hydron, Flipshot and Spinwit intercept them in their Astrosubs. After a brief battle, the Galactic Guardians defeat the Evil Mutant attackers. Skeletor develops a diabolical plan, to fool Primus into believing that they want to call a truce. Flogg contacts Master Sebrian about calling a truce, because that the Mutants have had enough of the eternal struggles and now want to live in peaceful co-existence with the people of Primus.. To assure Master Sebrian that the Mutants are sincere, Flogg sends them a gift as a token of peace. Adam is very skeptical about Flogg's change of heart and decides to change into He-Man, just in case he is needed. The gift turns out to be small, very cute little animals called Zeps, that the people of Primus immediately fall in love with. After some time, the animals multiply like rabbits and are now all over the planet. Adam remains skeptical and does not believe that the Mutants really want peace. In truth, the cute little Zeps are actually Ana-Droids, through which Skeletor can observe the inhabitants of Primus at any time. Meanwhile, Drissi plays with one of the Zeps, as she guards her flocks in the pasture, Skeletor activates the transformation command which transforms the Zeps into powerful monsters, Drissi and Caz were the first to witness the transformation. As the Ana-Droids capture Caz, Drissi runs back to the Oasis to warn Master Sebrian. When she arrives, she learns the Sebrian had already learned the truth. As the Starship Eternia embarks on a mission to investigate a breach in the Force Shield, Hydron, Flipshot, Spinwit, Sagitar, Artilla and Tuskador are attacked by the Ana-Droids in space. Meanwhile, Adam transforms into He-Man. Alarmed, He-Man springs into action to try and free Caz from the Ana-Droids. While freeing Caz, He-Man learns that the beasts are robots controlled by Skeletor. The Ana-droids had spread all over Primus and the Galactic Guardian are unable to stop this invasion. He-Man, Mara, Master Sebrian, Drissi and Caz flee to Onnor to speak to the Inner Council Of Primus. Master Sebrian gives He-Man the Key To The Shield, because the Force Shield cannot be deactivated without it. He-Man is to protect the key with all costs, with Mara as his guide. Sebrian directs them to go to the Priman Wilderness and make their way to the Village Of Zaphor to find Sebrian's Messenger. He-Man, has found no other choice than to agree with Master Sebrian's plan.

Original Air Date: October 3, 1990

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