The Seeds of Resistance
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: The New Adventures of He-Man 1990-91
Season: 1
Writer: Jack Olesker
Year: 1990
Production No: NA014


The planet of Primus was conquered by Flogg and the Evil Mutants, with the help of an army of droids. The Galactic Guardians, Master Sebrian and He-Man were captured and send into exile. He-Man manages to free himself, along with Mara, Alcon, Meldoc, Crax and Gepple. The six traveled from place-to-place to gain supporters for their rebellion. When they reach the Village Of Zaphor, they are tracked by the Evil Mutants. As more and more villages fall to the Evil Mutants, Skeletor and Flogg refuse to allow He-Man's rebellion to continue, so they put a reward out for them. They learn that the “Strongest Man In The Universe”, resides in the Village Of Zaphor. By an homing device attached to Master Sebrian. Flogg and Skeletor send several Evil Mutants, with Terrapods. Meanwhile, He-Man transforms back into Prince Adam to help Mara negotiate with the Council of Zaphor. The two wish to talk them into joining their rebellion, to fight against the tyranny of the Evil Mutants. However, the Council fears retaliation from Skeletor and Flogg, refusing to cooperate. Meanwhile, Zafor is already surrounded by Terrapods and the Evil Mutants. At the edge of the village, Skeletor arrives and uses a pair of binoculars to examine the village, but He-Man is nowhere to be found. So Skeletor sends in a Terrapod, to investigate the Village Of Zafor. When the Terrapod arrives in the village, the driver nearly tramples the daughter of the local Councilman Chairman. When Prince Adam learns of the events taking place outside, he slips away to transform into He-Man. He-Man arrives just in time to intervene and save the small girl, but he was hit by a laser beam in the process. Wounded, He-Man is still able to dispose of the Terrapod, by throwing it into the sky. After the events that went down, the Council Chairman decides to aide He-Man's rebellion. Together, they develop a plan to deal with the Evil Mutants. As Skeletor leads his army of Terrapods into the village, He-Man steps out blocking their way. He promises to surrender to Skeletor, if he spares the inhabitants of the village. But Skeletor only had intentions of firing upon his the villagers to kill them all. When they fire upon He-Man, Skeletor realizes that it was only mirror and not the real He-Man. With a fit of anger, he orders the Evil Mutants to destroy the village and leave nothing left. As the Terrapods shoot their lasers at the houses, the rays are reflected back at themselves, destroying the Terrapods. When Skeletor realizes that his army was destroyed, he decides to retreat, saving himself. The villagers celebrate over their victory over an important battle against the Evil Mutants.

Original Air Date: October 8, 1990

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