"The Courage of Adam"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Dean Stefan
Year: 2002
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP104


At Snake Mountain Skeletor concludes that somehow He-Man has managed to obtain the power of the Elders. At Castle Grayskull He-Man is fighting what appear to be Skeletor's villains. Orko pleads with Man-At-Arms to help, and after much deliberation Orko flies into battle, and protects He-Man by taking a blast to the chest. Man-At-Arm reveals Skeletor's warriors to be robots with a holographic masking device. Back at Snake Mountain a confused discussion takes place; Beast Man's hound creatures recently picked up He-Man's scent, but all they found was an item of clothing belonging to Prince Adam. Skeletor considers He-Man's sentimentality to be his weakness, thus concocts a plan to capture Prince Adam, luring the hero to Snake Mountain.

At the Royal Palace Teela continually scolds Prince Adam for his recent departure when they fought Skeletor's Evil Warriors. Man-At-Arms is working on two of his vehicles while Adam tells his mentor of his recent problems having acquired the power. Man-At-Arms states that not under any circumstance can Prince Adam reveal that he is He-Man. Adam believes that if he steps up in battle in a big way then He-Man may not be needed.

Meanwhile Stratos stands before King Randor and Queen Marlena requesting permission to journey to his homeland of Avion. Stratos brings to their attention the recent trade dispute between the Avionians and the Andreenids. King Randor states that Stratos should be accompanied by one of the other Masters. Prince Adam immediately volunteers.

Mer-Man informs Skeletor that Prince Adam and Stratos have been spotted crossing the Sea of Rakash. Skeletor determines that they are on their way to Avion and will have to pass through the Eye of Zahr-Kain. Just as Stratos and Prince Adam are about to pass through the Eye of Zahr-Kain, they are ambushed by the Evil Warriors. Adam is captured and Stratos left buried under a rockfall.

At the Royal Palace King Randor reads a message from Skeletor, informing them that their son has been captured. As further proof to a doubting Orko, the box contains Prince Adam's sword. Man-At-Arms prepares Cringer and Orko to journey to Snake Mountain and return the Sword of Power to Adam, while he works on a new project. At the entrance to Snake Mountain Orko casts a spell on Cringer so that his skin pigmentation resembles that of Panthor, and he is able to enter Snake Mountain. Skeletor confronts Prince Adam and creates a spell whereby large spikes emerge from the walls of his prison and move towards him.

Trap Jaw reports that He-Man has just been sighted outside Snake Mountain. While Skeletor's Evil Warriors fight He-Man, the Masters free Adam, just as Skeletor discovers "He-Man" to be one of Man-At-Arms' robots. As the heroes are leaving, Skeletor's warriors appear. Prince Adam wanting to prove himself leaps into battle, but Whiplash grounds him with a blow from his tail. Outside on a ledge they watch as Skeletor unveils Tri-Klops' latest creation, built to Skeletor's specifications. The Bone Monster knocks Man-At-Arms, Ram Man and Teela far below, while Adam and Cringer transform into He-Man and Battle Cat. He-Man and Battle Cat lead the Bone Monster into an area of land where the lava is closer to the surface. The creature's weight is too much and the ground collapses pulling the Bone Monster into the lava. Just as He-Man is about to confront Skeletor the villain is carried to safety by his Bat Fight-Pack. The Masters make their way back to the Royal Palace, where Adam has learned a valuable lesson; that He-Man will always be needed.

by James Eatock

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