"Sky War"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Season: 1
Writer: Michael Reaves
Year: 2002
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP105


At Snake Mountain Beast Man tells Skeletor that he has learned of a meeting due to take place between Buzz-Off and Stratos. Skeletor commands Beast Man to send one of his gargoyle spies to Andreenos, deep within the Mystic Mountains, the home of Buzz-Off. Skeletor knows that the Andreenids make Ambrosia, a miracle food that gives power to the individual who tastes it.

At the Royal Palace King Randor is trying to help solve the problems in the trade dispute between Andreenos and Avion, the respective homes of Buzz-Off and Stratos. Buzz-Off believes alliances to be for the weak, and so he departs. As Buzz-Off and his fellow Andreenids fly back to their Andreenos they are blasted out of the sky by what appear to be Avionians. The Andreenids give chase, but lose them when flying through some heavy cloud cover.

Meanwhile Stratos, his sister Hawk and their Avionian friends are flying back to Avion, when they are attacked. Stratos and his warriors agree that their attackers looked like Andreenids. At the Royal Palace King Randor learns from his northern outposts that both the Andreenids and Avionians have been attacked by unknown sources. He-Man and Battle Cat leave for the Mystic Mountains.

At Snake Mountain Beast Man informs Skeletor that one of his Gargoyle spies has seen He-Man and Battle Cat. Skeletor immediately sends his warriors to intercept He-Man before he reaches the Mystic Mountains. He-Man and Battle Cat with Teela fly across the Vine Jungle in their Battle Hawk vehicles when they are attacked by Skeletor's warriors flying on their Terrordactyls. The heroes depart their damaged vehicles, but they are attacked by the vines in the Vine Jungle, and are completely overwhelmed. He-Man uses his sword to deflect the villains' laser fire to cut the vines freeing his friends. He-Man soon defeats the villains.

Man-At-Arms brings King Randor news that both Buzz-Off and Stratos are accusing the other of the strange attacks. At Snake Mountain Skeletor watches as King Randor delivers an urgent speech to both the Andreenids and the Avionians, via visual communication. Skeletor orders Tri-Klops to intercept King Randor's speech, which he successfully does. Thus Buzz-off and Stratos both receive messages from King Randor stating that the other is planning something dreadful. He-Man begins to realize that Skeletor's plan must be nearing completion. Just as He-Man, Battle Cat and Teela emerge from the Eye of Zahr-Kain they witness and awful sight: the Andreenids and the Avionians flying toward each other, weapons drawn.

At Andreenos Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops attack and meet minimal resistance. Skeletor commands his warriors to load up the Collector with the Ambrosia. Both Buzz-Off and Stratos issue orders that they will only attack if provoked. Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops attack He-Man in their new physically stronger forms. Skeletor manages to fool both the Andreenids and the Avionians into beginning their battle. As Skeletor appears to be winning his fight with He-Man the Ambrosia effect wears off. Skeletor cannot believe that the power of the Ambrosia has gone, as He-Man reveals to him that only the Andreenids can use the Ambrosia. Skeletor learns that He-Man knew this all along. He-Man takes to the skies in Skeletor's Terrordactyl to stop the battle. The two sides stop as He-Man explains Skeletor's plan, and that if they continue fighting Skeletor is the only one who will win. At the Royal Palace Buzz-Off and Stratos declare their dispute over, and that from now on they and their people will fight as allies.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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