"Dragon's Brood"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Mark and Michael Edens; Editor: Dean Stefan
Year: 2002
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP110


Prince Adam and Teela are racing their Sky Sleds through the Evergreen Forest, when Prince Adam hears the cry of an animal. The pair stand before a cavern entrance, which is covered by large boulders. Adam and Teela notice an extremely large foot with damaged claws, sticking out from some of the boulders. They manage to cause the boulders to subside, but both miss a chance to look at the creature.

At Snake Mountain Beast Man reveals a sack with dragon eggs. Skeletor arrives and notices that there is a hole in the sack. On Skeletor's command Tri-Klops quickly sends out a Doomseeker to locate the dragon eggs, as Orko practicing his juggling sees four objects floating along the stream and wanders over to collect them.

Meanwhile Prince Adam and Teela arrive at the village of Felis Qadi as King Randor had instructed them to. At the Royal Palace Orko demonstrates his juggling to Ram Man, which he does with the objects he located in the stream. Floating too close to a candle Orko's robe catches fire, causing him to drop the four objects, forcing the dragon babies to hatch. Immediately one of them shoots fire from its mouth at Orko. As Man-At-Arms arrives the dragons leave the dining room. Mekaneck extends his neck noticing the dragons near the Royal Palace. One of them swoops down and grabs him. Man-At-Arms fires a blast that causes the creature to drop Mekaneck, Man-At-Arms catching him. Man-At-Arms replies that dragons are attracted to objects that give off a shine.

At the village of Felis Qadi Adam thanks Carnivus for aligning with them to fight Skeletor and his Evil Warriors. Back at the Royal Palace the Masters arrive at the marketplace to drive away the dragons. The dragons spy the Doomseeker and give chase.

At Snake Mountain Skeletor orders Tri-Klops to have the Doomseeker lead the dragons to Castle Grayskull. Trapjaw asks what will cause the dragons to attack, thus Evil-Lyn creates a magical nimbus that sends away from Snake Mountain. At Castle Grayskull the Sorceress contacts Adam telling him that Castle Grayskull is in danger as the dragons are poised to attack. At the Royal Palace marketplace Man-At-Arms explains to Stratos that four young dragons are attacking Eternia. The magical nimbus strikes Castle Grayskull and the entire castle is surrounded in an iridescent glow. The dragons begin to strike the castle, as Adam transforms into He-Man.

Atop Castle Grayskull the dragons attack Teela just as He-Man arrives. The Mother Dragon appears and a battle of immense destruction follows. Just as the Mother Dragon prepares to crush He-Man beneath her foot, she stops, recognizing He-Man's scent. He-Man looks and sees that the claws appear to have been damaged, realizing that the Mother Dragon was the creature he and Teela freed. The Mother Dragon roars and all the dragons leave. As He-Man and Teela get to their feet Skeletor and his Evil Warriors arrive. Skeletor issues the command to attack just as the Masters leap from the Wind Raider. The Serpintaur attacks the Masters, only to be confronted by the returning Mother Dragon. The Mother Dragon manages to defeat the Serpintaur, which falls into the abyss, and upon seeing this the Evil Warriors retreat.

Teela states to Adam that she wanted to ask He-Man why the Mother Dragon spared him. Teela adds that she is sure it was the same creature that she and Adam had helped earlier. Man-At-Arms wanting to quash his daughter's inquisitive ways replies that maybe the Mother Dragon performed a kind act because it remembered that someone had been kind to it.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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