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Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Len Uhley; Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2002
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP111


Original Airdate: 11/15/02

In the Ice Mountains Skeletor explores the deepest of caverns in search of the Diamond Ray of Disappearance. Just as Trapjaw is about to free the diamond, He-Man strikes the ground, causing a large pillar to crush the Diamond Ray of Disappearance. In retaliation Skeletor creates a cave-in, as he and his Evil Warriors escape atop a Griffin. As the Masters run from the cave-in, He-Man uses a large structure to hold the cavern ceiling together. Just as the Masters exit, the entire cavern collapses. He-Man emerges from the debris without a scratch.

A while later Buzz-Off comments that Skeletor has a real talent, because when things go wrong, he still gets away. Ram Man replies that he may even be an "okay guy" if he were not so evil. Man-At-Arms states to Ram Man that he has just given him an idea.

At Castle Grayskull the Sorceress hands Man-At-Arms a small vessel containing waters from the magical Lake Vortex. Adam, Orko and Teela arrive at Man-At-Arms laboratory as he finishes the Crystal Belt. Man-At-Arms explains that the mystical liquid contained within the belt will act as a sponge, so that every time Skeletor performs an evil act, or even thinks about doing so, he will be weakened.

At Snake Mountains' surrounding area Adam and Teela create a distraction so that Man-At-Arms can attach the Crystal Belt to Skeletor. As Skeletor issues the command for his Evil Warriors to destroy the Masters the Crystal Belt is activated sending a blast through Skeletor's body.

Back at Snake Mountain the Evil Warriors attempt to damage the Crystal Belt. Tri-Klops examines the belt and realizes that their attacks did slightly damage the belt. Evil-Lyn reveals to Skeletor the nature of the belt: that it feeds on his evil thoughts and deeds and turns them against him. Skeletor is horrified to learn that he can never be evil again.

A short while later Tri-Klops arrives with a device that will turn He-Man's good against him. After learning of trouble in Felis Qadi He-Man and the Masters journey there only to discover a swarm of Arthros, which they must do battle with. A Doomseeker fires out Tri-Klops' device, which attaches itself to He-Man. He-Man is grounded as the concussive shockwave travels through his body. Skeletor and his Evil Warriors arrive. Evil-Lyn tells He-Man that he will suffer for each gallant act. He-Man watches as a Quadian mother and her child run for cover. He-Man stands in front of the Quadian mother and her child. The Arthros strike his chest and he collapses in pain.

The Sorceress appears to He-Man telling him that he must trust that the good within him can never be drained from his being. He-Man uses all of his great strength and manages to rip apart the harness. The explosion from the harness causes a huge shockwave, throwing Skeletor from his Terrordactyl and damaging his Crystal Belt. He-Man walks over to find Skeletor hanging onto a cliff edge. He-Man notices the Crystal Belt fall to pieces. He-Man states that without the Crystal Belt Skeletor will only bring more pain and misery into the world. He-Man pulls him to safety. Skeletor without hesitation blasts He-Man with the Havoc Staff. Beast Man atop his Griffin swoops down to save Skeletor.

Much later at the Royal Palace Prince Adam looks over a balcony deep in thought. Man-At-Arms asks if there is anything troubling him, to which Prince Adam reveals his guilt for letting Skeletor trick him into pulling him to safety. Man-At-Arms quickly reassures Prince Adam telling him that he saved Skeletor because he could do nothing else, due to the goodness in his heart. At Snake Mountain Skeletor punishes his Evil Warriors for mocking him.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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