"Mekaneck's Lament"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Erik & Lara Runnels; Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2002
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP112


Original Airdate: 11/15/02

A few miles short of Castle Grayskull the Masters are fighting Skeletor and his Evil Warriors. The battle is heated with Mekaneck's neck being injured during a one-on-one fight with Tri-Klops. Man-At-Arms issues the command to retreat, leaving the Evil Warriors to access the bridge that leads to Castle Grayskull. Mekaneck is told to stay back and act as reconnaissance, as the combined strength of the other Masters manage to destroy the bridge.

Back at the Royal Palace Adam notices that Mekaneck appears to be feeling depressed. Mekaneck reveals just how useless he believes his own power to be. Adam remarks that it was he whom located He-Man and King Randor when they were trapped in the abyss. Feeling good about himself Mekaneck visits Man-At-Arms to have his neck repaired. Later Adam bumps into Mekaneck leaving Man-At-Arms' laboratory, and notices that he is once again depressed. Man-At-Arms shows Adam his new invention, a reconnaissance device. A depressed Mekaneck skims stones over a lake when he sees a small raft piloted by an old man heading his way. When Mekaneck reveals that he wishes that he had better powers the old man states that he could grant him any wish. The old man asks Mekaneck to retrieve an Amulet from the Sands of Fire as a way of payment. An unhesitant Mekaneck agrees to help the old man and begins his journey.

At Castle Grayskull the Sorceress tells Adam that the evil Count Marzo has returned. She tells him how many years ago Count Marzo attacked the Hall of Wisdom. Fortunately for Eternia, Captain Miro, father of King Randor, and his army managed to defeat Count Marzo. He was exiled to the Dark Hemisphere, while the Amulet, the source of his magical power, was placed far beyond the reach of man.

At the Sands of Fire Mekaneck manages to retrieve the Amulet. Back at the lake Mekaneck hands the Amulet to the old man. The old man turns ignoring Mekaneck, and walks across the surface of the lake vanishing in a flash of light. Out of sight the old man uses the Amulet to assume his natural form as Count Marzo. He decides that the Royal Palace would be the best place to exact his revenge.

The Sorceress prompts Adam to transform into He-Man telling him that Count Marzo is in the Evergreen Forest. The pair immediately come face-to-face with Count Marzo, but with his Amulet and his savage Hounds Count Marzo effortlessly defeats them. Count Marzo continues to make his way through the Royal Palace with great ease defeating the Masters that confront him. As Count Marzo gets closer to the throne room his Hounds exhale smoke clouds that any remaining opponents into unconsciousness.

Mekaneck making his way back to the Royal Palace is shocked when Orko tells him of the evil wizard attacking Eternia, and the trouble faced by the Masters. Orko manages to wake up He-Man, as Mekaneck heroically charges towards the Royal Palace. Using his neck-stretching ability Mekaneck is able to avoid the smoke clouds and catch up with Count Marzo in a matter of seconds.

Count Marzo recognizes Mekaneck, and begins to attack him just as He-Man appears. He-Man manages to distract Count Marzo long enough for Mekaneck to retrieve the Amulet and pass it to He-Man. He-Man throws the Amulet far away, into the seas of Eternia, as Count Marzo is captured by Mekaneck. Using his Sword of Power He-Man creates a tornado that sucks all of the smoke clouds up and into the skies where they disperse. He-Man comments that Mekaneck's neck is special, Mekaneck replying that he should have listened when Adam said the same thing.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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