"Night of the Shadowbeasts"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Season: 1
Writer: Michael Reaves; Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2002
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP113


Original Airdate: 11/22/02

At Snake Mountain Skeletor and Tri-Klops meet with Beast Man in his beastly menagerie, where he shows the pair a creature called a Shadowbeast. Skeletor delights in the fact that if he had an army of Shadowbeasts he could easily conquer Castle Grayskull.

Outside Snake Mountain Beast Man explains that the Shadowbeasts hate light, concluding that nighttime would be best for an attack. Tri-Klops interjects questioning the light from the moon. Skeletor states that he will find a way to use the Shadowbeasts, even if it means blocking out the moon.

Meanwhile at the Royal Palace Ram Man rams a derelict-looking structure, not knowing it is an old well, and falls deep into it. Inside the well Ram Man becomes anxious of the darkness. The Masters manage to pull him up out of the well and to safety.

At Snake Mountain the Evil Warriors smash rock structures so that they block the surrounding volcanoes. Because the small volcanoes act as safety valves, the large volcano Mount Barathrum erupts, and the Evil Warriors watch as the sky begins to turn black.

Moments Later at the Royal Palace a large ominous cloud begins to fill the skies. The volcanic rock thrown out by the eruption begins to strike the Royal Palace. Man-At-Arms tells the gathered Masters that the volcanic vents in Mount Barathrum have been blocked, prompting Prince Adam and Cringer to transform into He-Man and Battle Cat. Mekaneck spies that the Evil Warriors and an army of Shadowbeasts are making their way towards the Royal Palace. Upon realizing that Skeletor is going to attack Castle Grayskull He-Man and Battle Cat speedily make their way through the Evergreen Forest, where they are confronted by the Shadowbeasts.

At the Royal Palace Man-At-Arms realizes that Ram Man is afraid of the dark. Ram Man reveals that when he was a young boy he got lost underneath the Plains of Perpetua, where he was faced with miles of darkness. At Castle Grayskull the Shadowbeasts climb the walls, as the Sorceress sends a telepathic message to He-Man. As the heroes make their way to the northern perimeter of the Royal Palace Skeletor's villains attack throwing them from the Bashin' Beetle.

The continued eruptions cause the ground to break up, and Man-At-Arms watches in horror as Teela, followed by Ram Man, fall into a chasm. Ram Man and Teela awaken to discover that they have fallen deep into an ancient prison compound.

At Castle Grayskull the Shadowbeasts continue to claw away at the jaw-bridge as He-Man arrives to battle Skeletor. The Sorceress uses a vast amount of her power causing an awesome light to pour fourth from the castle, as the Shadowbeasts flee in fear of the light. He-Man punches the Terrordactyl, with Skeletor aboard, far into the skies. He-Man and Battle Cat make their way to Mount Barathrum. Meanwhile Ram Man and Teela are still searching for a way out when they are confronted by a pack of Shadowbeasts. Teela falls into a lower level of the compound. Ram Man rams through the Shadowbeasts and jumps down into the lower level, saving Teela from a Shadowbeast, as at Mount Barathrum He-Man, ripping open the volcano, causes the eruptions to subside. At the Royal Palace Man-At-Arms and Mekaneck are pleased when they see Ram Man emerge with Teela in his arms. The Masters watch as the skies open and the Shadowbeasts flee. Later Adam congratulates Ram Man on saving Teela, Ram Man understanding the meaning of bravery, much to Man-At-Arms appreciation.

At Snake Mountain Skeletor locks his Evil Warriors in a pitch-black room with the Shadowbeasts.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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