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Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Steven Melching; Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2002
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP114


Original Airdate: 12/13/02

At the Royal Palace dining table Prince Adam complains to Orko about the fact that he has to learn royal etiquette. Adam remarks that a King can do whatever he wants, not knowing that King Randor and Man-At-Arms have entered the room. Man-At-Arms tells Adam that peace talks between the Speleans and the Caligars have broken down, and that King Randor has been asked to help them reach a settlement.

At Snake Mountain Skeletor rants to Beast Man, Evil-Lyn and Whiplash that he has attacked Castle Grayskull by land, by sea, and by air, and failed on each occasion. Whiplash suggests attacking the castle from below, via Subternia. Skeletor muses that Castle Grayskull's walls may be made of the hardest stone, but that it no doubt has a soft, weak, underside.

Entering Subternia King Randor, Man-At-Arms and Adam are confronted by Lord Dactys, and his fellow Speleans, as Skeletor, Beast Man and Evil-Lyn follow Whiplash into Subternia. Lord Dactys shows his guests the great forge, where the Speleans engage in their metalwork. A concerned King Randor comments that the Speleans appear to be making many weapons.

A Spelean warrior swoops from above and informs Lord Dactys that Skeletor is trespassing in Subternia. Man-At-Arms concludes that Skeletor is making an attempt on Castle Grayskull from below. King Randor walks away to confront Skeletor informing Man-At-Arms that he made a pledge to defend Eternia from the forces of evil and that he means to honor his word, with his own blood if necessary. Lord Dactys passes his very own sword to King Randor.

An impatient Skeletor continues to follow Whiplash through the caverns of Subternia. King Randor, Man-At-Arms and Adam discover the Caligars, Adam believing their leader to be Whiplash, resulting in a fight. King Randor successfully defends his friends against the Caligars and overpowers Ceratus, leader of the Caligars. Ceratus recognizes King Randor, who tells Ceratus that he is on an urgent mission, tracking Skeletor, who is attempting to conquer Eternia. King Randor informs Ceratus that the Speleans are allies of his, as the Caligars once were. King Randor states that once he completes his mission he will mediate a peace treaty between the Caligars and the Speleans. King Randor, Man-At-Arms and Adam enter a large cavern where all of the lava streams meet in Subternia.

The group quickly spot Skeletor, many levels above them. King Randor confronts Skeletor. The heroes dive to a lower level to avoid being blasted by Skeletor's Havoc Staff. When Adam is separated King Randor tells his son to find his way back to the surface. Skeletor then blasts the rock structure that King Randor and Man-At-Arms reside on, sending them towards the lava below, while Adam transforms into He-Man. As they fall Man-At-Arms uses his mace to fire out a grappling-hook, which he and King Randor use to pull them to safety.

Meanwhile the Evil Warriors locate the underground entrance to Castle Grayskull. Just as the villains prepare to enter King Randor and Man-At-Arms appear, prompting Skeletor's Evil Warriors to attack. As they battle Skeletor and Evil-Lyn use their magic to break down the entrance to Castle Grayskull, where they discover He-Man waiting for them. He-Man and King Randor duel with Skeletor and are successful in disarming the villain. Skeletor seeing no means of entering Castle Grayskull escapes. As the Evil Warriors flee through the caverns they are confronted by the Caligars, who are none to pleased with Whiplash, a traitor to the Caligars.

Back at the Royal Palace Adam tells Orko how great his father was in Subternia.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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