"Roboto's Gambit"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Michael Reaves; Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP117


Original Airdate: 03/01/03

At the Royal Palace the Masters watch as Man-E-Faces plays chess against Man-At-Arms' latest creation Roboto. Roboto wins the game via the "Roboto Gambit." Meanwhile at Snake Mountain Tri-Klops demonstrates his latest creation to Skeletor and Evil-Lyn. A three-foot Bone Monster emerges from a doorway and approaches a bemused Skeletor. Skeletor immediately blasts it with his Havoc Staff, and begins to rebuke Tri-Klops for another failure, just as the Bone Monster reforms into two Bone Monsters. Skeletor begins to formulate a plan in his mind when the Bone Monsters start fighting each other. Tri-Klops presses a button causing the Bone Monsters to cease functioning.

Away from the Royal Palace Prince Adam and Teela practice their sword skills. Teela complains that she has less upper body strength. Sy-Klone appears just as Teela begins her tirade, telling her that strength is not always the key, and that she should be more flexible of mind in approaching a problem. Sy-Klone disappears as the small Bone Monsters appear, weapons drawn, towards Adam and Teela. Surrounded, Adam and Teela are saved by Sy-Klone, who destroys all of the Bone Monsters. As they reform Sy-Klone tells Adam and Teela to return to the Royal Palace and warn the others.

Adam and Teela return to the palace to learn that the Masters are all out on patrol. Teela orders that the Royal Guard be gathered, as Adam transforms into He-Man. As Teela gives the orders to her guards, He-Man appears telling her that she and her guards should stay and protect the Royal Palace, while he faces the Bone Monsters. From a distance Tri-Klops watches his Bone Monsters. As Teela issues orders to her guards at the Royal Palace she comes face-to-face with Roboto. Teela tells Roboto that war is not a game, and orders him to leave. Meanwhile He-Man, Battle Cat and Sy-Klone continue to battle the Bone Monsters as they become increasingly outnumbered.

At Man-At-Arms' laboratory Roboto transforms himself into a mighty armored warrior, and presents himself to Teela. Teela continues to argue that weapons or not he is just a game player. He-Man spots a large cavern, and with Battle Cat, lures the Bone Monsters within. He-Man and Battle Cat quickly emerge as Sy-Klone blasts the cavern entrance trapping them inside. Tri-Klops successfully activates the lasers that burst fourth from the Bone Monsters, freeing them from the cavern. Sy-Klone spots a quarry with He-Man managing to divert one half of the army of Bone Monsters in the direction of the quarry. Sy-Klone them buries the creatures under a pile of large rocks.

Tri-Klops watches his Bone Monsters approach the Royal Palace. Using his amazing vision Roboto spots Tri-Klops operating the Bone Monsters. Roboto journeys to He-Man and informs him of Tri-Klops' role. As He-Man leaves to face Tri-Klops Roboto states that he will implement the "Roboto Gambit." Roboto's amazing weaponry begins to eliminate the Bone Monsters, as well as drawing them away from the Royal Palace. The entire army begins to battle Roboto and overpower him. He-Man manages to obtain the remote control from Tri-Klops and destroys it, causing the Bone Monsters to become lifeless. Skeletor swoops down on the Terrordactyl and takes Tri-Klops away with him. Teela watches as the battle damaged Roboto ceases to function.

Later Teela comments to Sy-Klone that he was right, she was too narrow-minded in her definition of a warrior. As Teela lowers her head in sadness, Roboto appears, fully upgraded and back on-line.

At Snake Mountain Skeletor rebukes Tri-Klops for his independence.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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