Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: William Forrest Cluverius; Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP118


Original Airdate: 03/08/03

At the Royal Palace Tri-Klops frees Mer-Man from a prison. A short while later Man-At-Arms is frustrated at how Mer-Man could be freed when the walls of his cell were made of double reinforced Eternian steel. Stratos remarks that the Ancients spoke of a metal called Eternium, said to be the strongest metal ever known. Stratos continues that deposits of Eternium were said to exist in the Ice Mountains, and suggests that he go to the Ice Mountains. Unknown to the heroes one of Tri-Klops' Doomseekers spies on them. Skeletor commands that Trapjaw follow Stratos in order to obtain the Eternium. At the Ice Mountains Stratos manages to locate the direction where the Eternium is located.

As Stratos tells Man-At-Arms via radio communication that he may have found some Eternium Trapjaw appears behind him and blasts the ground near Stratos causing him to lose his footing. As Trapjaw prepares to shoot Stratos at pointblank range Stratos grabs his firing arm, causing him to blast the ground that they stand on. The ground gives way and the pair fall into the darkness below, both injuring themselves. Trapjaw suggests that because they are both injured they should work together to try and escape the caverns. Stratos agrees, but states that he will keep hold of Trapjaw's gun attachment.

At the Royal Palace the Masters worry about the sudden disappearance of Stratos, prompting Adam to transform into He-Man. In the caverns below the Ice Mountains Trapjaw complains that Stratos is slow and weak, and that is why he and his fellow Masters will never win. Stratos turns to Trapjaw telling him it is he who chooses evil, and that is a choice only made by the weakest minds. The two stop arguing and hear a distant noise. Trapjaw attempts to retrieve his weapon from Stratos, resulting in Stratos ending their partnership. Trapjaw pleads to Stratos that he cannot leave him. Stratos turns and carries Trapjaw away, as He-Man and Battle Cat arrive at the Ice Mountains. Inside the caverns the creatures begin to catch up with Stratos and Trapjaw. Stratos uses Trapjaw's gun attachment to cause a cave-in, and then notices a gap in the cavern ceiling above them. Meanwhile Skeletor and the Evil Warriors confront He-Man and Battle Cat.

At that moment Trapjaw transforms his arm into a grappling hook attachment. But as he and Stratos begin to pull themselves to safety Trapjaw knocks Stratos back to the ground. On the surface Skeletor and his Evil Warriors manage to defeat He-Man. Stratos is awakened by a Kulatak creature, and learns that he is in Stilla. The Kulatak leader accuses Stratos of coming to steal the Eternium. Stratos remarks that he did not know of the Kulataks and that he would never steal it. Trapjaw appears and tells the Kulataks that Stratos has come to steal all of the Eternium. The Kulatak leader orders that both Stratos and Trapjaw be locked in the supply chamber.

Locked in the supply chamber Trapjaw breaks a cage attempting to steal the Eternium. As Trapjaw takes a bite of the Eternium the Kulataks enter the chamber. The Kulatak leader reveals the supply chamber to be a test, and that the pair were watched the whole time. The Kulatak leader tells Stratos that he has earned their trust, not by word, but by deed. At that moment Skeletor and his Evil Warriors attack Stilla in an attempt to steal the Eternium. As Skeletor fires a blast from his Havoc Staff toward the Kulatak leader Stratos steps in the line of fire and takes the blast. He-Man appears as the Kulataks drive off Skeletor and his warriors with an avalanche of Eternium. The Kulatak leader thanks He-Man and Stratos.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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