"Orko's Garden"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Season: 1
Writer: Len Uhley Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP119


Original Airdate: 03/15/03

At the Royal Palace Man-At-Arms assigns each of the Masters a mission. Orko pesters Man-Art-Arms for a task of his own. Man-At-Arms comments that the gardens of the Royal Palace are in disrepair, Orko jumping at the chance to work on the gardens. Orko comments to himself that he will make the garden nice. Orko uses his magic to create some rain, and ends up causing a flood. Orko floats over to a flower he names "bud" which appears to have been damaged in the flood he caused. When Orko tells Ram Man he was just trying to make the garden grow Ram Man suggests that Orko seek out Moss Man in the Evergreen Forest.

Wandering though the Evergreen Forest Orko falls into an underground cavern. Meeting a strange green-covered creature Orko asks if he is Moss Man. The creature rises to his feet as if he has been insulted. Upon hearing Orko say that he will return to the Royal Palace the creature becomes less angry and listens to Orko. Orko informs the creature that he has to take care of the garden, the creature stating that he, Moss Man, will help. Because the creature cannot leave the cavern he gives Orko some special seeds that he tells him will make the garden grow.

Back at the Royal Palace Orko plants the seeds, and patiently waits for something to happen. Unknown to him the seeds turn into vines under the Royal Palace and begin to capture the Masters one by one, and eventually King Randor and Queen Marlena.

Back in the Evergreen forest the vines reach the creature that claimed to be Moss Man and free him from his bonds. Orko still looking at "bud" is saddened that he does not appear to be growing. Orko searches for his friends but cannot find anyone. Just as Orko stares at a large hole in the ground a figure appears behind him. The being reveals himself to be Moss Man, much to Orko's confusion. Moss Man tells Orko that the creature he met earlier was Evilseed.

Meanwhile underneath the Royal Palace in a larger cavern Evilseed appears to the trapped Masters, and the King and Queen. Evilseed claims that the humans have gorged themselves upon plant-life for years. Evilseed states that it is time to even the score, and transports his captives to another room. There they are confronted by a two large creatures with snapping jaws. King Randor is thrown to the ground, as Adam rushes to defend his father. Just as one of the large creatures bears down on the Prince, a large stream of moss strikes the creature. Evilseed turns to see Moss Man, and the two engage in battle. Moss Man manages to overpower Evilseed and prepares to imprison him once again. Orko rebukes Evilseed's claim that the humans are no match for the plants, and tells the villain that there are all sorts of magical powers inside Castle Grayskull. Evilseed delights in this information and catches Moss Man off guard.

Evilseed leaves for Castle Grayskull as his vines continue to imprison the Masters. As they free themselves Adam, out of sight, transforms into He-Man to pursue Evilseed. Moss Man, He-Man and Battle Cat prevent Evilseed from reaching Castle Grayskull. As Moss Man physically battles Evilseed, He-Man and Battle Cat fight Evilseed's evil plant creatures. The heroes are victorious, just as Orko arrives at the former battle scene.

Moss Man plants some seeds where the creature fell and Orko uses his magic to produce rain, causing a lush green landscape to form. Back at the Royal Palace garden Moss Man uses his magic to bring Orko's "bud" back to life. Orko thanks Moss Man who tells Orko that tending a garden takes patience, and that he should not go looking for shortcuts. Moss Man joins the Masters of the Universe.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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