"Buzz-Off's Pride"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Christy Marx and Randall Littlejohn; Edited By Dea
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP120


Original Airdate: 03/22/03

Orko accompanies Buzz-Off who is journeying to Veridas to purchase some Honeyberries for his Queen, as it is her jubilee. Buzz-Off explains to Orko that the Crystal of Prasinus' glow is what enables the crops on Veridas to grow to enormous size.

On a bridge on the outskirts of Veridas Buzz-Off and Orko encounter Azdar, Belzar and Chazdar, three giants. After being struck by Azdar an infuriated Buzz-Off prepares to fight all three. Orko pleads to Buzz-Off that he cannot fight three giants, and the pair leave. The three giants then destroy the bridge preventing people accessing Veridas. Buzz-Off and Orko arrive back at the Royal Palace as Prince Adam questions Buzz-Off, believing that he was going to Veridas to obtain some Honeyberries.

As Orko begins to tell the story Buzz-Off hushes Orko and tells Adam that the Honeyberries were not ripe. Adam questions Buzz-Off saying he thought that the Crystal of Prasinus kept the fruit ripe year round. Buzz-Off angrily comments that Adam heard wrong, grabs Orko and flies away. Buzz-Off orders Orko not to tell anyone what happened back at the bridge. Orko argues that they are his friends and that it is not his fault that he got beat up by a giant. Buzz-Off declares that he was not "beat up," he was sucker punched. Man-At-Arms tells Prince Adam that a messenger from Veridas reported that something caused their bridge to collapse. Buzz-Off appears with a passion to journey back to Veridas.

At Veridas the three giants attack the center of the village in an attempt to claim the Crystal of Prasinus. Approaching the village in the Wind Raider Man-At-Arms, Adam and Ram Man spot the giants. As Man-At-Arms tries to issue a plan to insure that the villagers will not be injured Buzz-Off speeds into action. Buzz-Off confronts Azdar and the pair engage in a running battle that causes much damage to the village. Man-At-Arms, via his communicator, tells Buzz-Off that they need his help. Buzz-Off replies that he will help as soon as he has taught Azdar a lesson.

Meanwhile Adam lands the Wind Raider and transforms into He-Man. As Azdar leads Buzz-Off away from the village, Man-At-Arms and Ram Man are crushed by lots of giant fruit from a tower. As Belzar and Chazdar prepare to obtain the Crystal of Prasinus He-Man appears to confront them and uses his awesome strength to knock the pair away from the Crystal of Prasinus. Far from Veridas Azdar defeats Buzz-Off. As He-Man tries to reposition a water tower Belzar and Chazdar take the Crystal of Prasinus. Man-At-Arms and Ram Man emerge from the beneath the giant fruit.

Buzz-Off returns to Veridas and sees the destruction caused by his recklessness, lowering his head in shame. Buzz-Off explains about his meeting with the giants before, and that he had a score to settle with Azdar. He-Man tells Buzz-Off that a Master of the Universe does not fight for pride or revenge, and that a true hero fights for justice and loves kindness. Man-At-Arms tells Buzz-Off that Azdar used his pride against him. Buzz-Off knowing what he must do leaves the Masters telling them that he will be back. At their home the three giants delight in the fact that they have the Crystal of Prasinus. At that moment Buzz-Off appears demanding that hey hand over the crystal. Buzz-Off evades the three giants, manages to retrieve the Crystal of Prasinus, and escapes out of their chimney. Buzz-Off returns the Crystal of Prasinus to its rightful place, and looking at some Honeyberries Buzz-Off remarks that he would like to make a purchase.

At Andreenos Buzz-Off presents the Honeyberries to Queen Andreeno.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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