"Snake Pit"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Steven Melching Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP121


Original Airdate: 03/29/03

At the Royal Palace prison compound one of the prisoners escapes. Man-At-Arms arrives and upon discovering it is Kobra Khan who has escaped he commands that all the Masters and Royal Guard execute an alpha-priority manhunt. The warriors leave the Royal Palace in search of Kobra Khan, but the snake man is quick and attacks a guard, stealing his Sky Sled.

Arriving at Snake Mountain Kobra Khan is captured by Mer-Man and Two Bad then presented to Skeletor in his throne room. Skeletor states that Kobra Khan's reputation precedes him and that he could use a man of his talents.

In Man-At-Arms' laboratory Man-At-Arms tells Adam, Orko and Teela that long ago the Snake Men's leader King Hiss built an impregnable fortress, Snake Mountain, and that the Snake Men marched fourth to vanquish the entire populous. Man-At-Arms adds that the Snake Men may have succeeded were it not for the combined strength of The Council of Elders and Zodak. They entombed King Hiss and his army in the Void, a timeless prison deep within Snake Mountain. The heroes travel to the Mystic Mountains in search of Zodak. Upon given a guided tour of Snake Mountain by Skeletor, Kobra Khan expresses that the Royal Palace is weak in comparison to Snake Mountain.

At the Mystic Mountains Man-At-Arms lands the Wind Raider remarking that the winds are too strong and that they will have to continue their journey on foot. Back at Snake Mountain Skeletor tells his gathered Evil Warriors that Kobra Khan had provided them with some intriguing new information. As Skeletor presents his new plan to his warriors Kobra Khan takes the moment as the perfect opportunity to seek out the Void and free his ancestors.

At Zodak's lair Man-At-Arms tells Zodak that Kobra Khan has escaped. Zodak leaves in an instant claiming that he will handle the situation alone. As Kobra Khan searches out the Void, Man-At-Arms tells Adam and Teela that King Hiss killed Zodak's brother during the ancient war. At that moment Zodak defeats Skeletor and his Evil Warriors with ease. Skeletor explodes with rage as he watches Zodak causally walk away, as almost instinctively Kobra Khan locates the Void. Man-At-Arms, Adam and Teela enter Snake Mountain only to discover all of the Evil Warriors, except Skeletor, defeated. Kobra Khan activates the Void just as Zodak enters the room. The two do battle, Kobra Khan gaining the advantage by spitting his venom at Zodak. Just as Kobra Khan prepares to deliver the final blow, Rattlor appears from the Void. As Rattlor prepares to kill Zodak Man-At-Arms, Adam and Teela arrive. As more and more Snake Men emerge from the Void Adam rushes off and transforms into He-Man.

As He-Man chases Kobra Khan, Skeletor distracts He-Man with a blast from his Havoc Staff, and He-Man subsequently falls into the Void. Skeletor remarks to Kobra Khan that it is thoughtful of him to recruit an entire army of Snake Men to help him conquer Eternia. Inside the Void He-Man is presented to King Hiss by a group of Snake Men. Zodak arrives and saves He-Man, telling He-Man that he must leave as he has unfinished business to attend to. He-Man convinces Zodak that they leave together, and the two begin to leap back up exiting the Void. Kobra Khan begins to proclaim that King Hiss and his Snake Men will rule the world, much to Skeletor's suspicion. He-Man and Zodak combine their unique powers and are successful in resealing the Void; drawing all of the Snake Men back within, but both Kobra Khan and Rattlor manage to escape.

At the Royal Palace Zodak admits he was foolish to try and stop the evil on his own.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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