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Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Larry DiTillio
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP124


Original Airdate: 04/19/03

At Snake Mountain the minds of Tuvar and Baddhra argue in their single form as Two Bad. Their argument becomes so heated that they physically attack each other. Stinkor enters the room and suggests to Two Bad that he go and see Stinkor's old friend Vormus, the biggest dealer of spells and potions in the Dark Hemisphere.

Sy-Klone is looking out across the Royal Palace when Roboto approaches him, asking him what is troubling him. Sy-Klone explains that seeing Prince Adam and Teela with their parents has brought back memories of his own family, a family now long gone. Roboto states that logic would indicate that some of his family should still exist. Sy-Klone agreeing with Roboto states that he should seek out these possible new generations.

Meanwhile Two Bad confronts Vormus, informing him that he requires a spell of separation. Vormus locates the spell, and realizing that the spell will cause great disaster Vormus states that he cannot sell the spell. Two Bad knocks him unconscious and picks up the spell stone-slab, but does not realize that the last part of the spell, the consequence, has broken off. Later Two Bad is successful in locating the first artifact.

Upon removal of the first artifact a mental shockwave alerts the Sorceress at Castle Grayskull. In turn the Sorceress summons He-Man, and tells him the history of the Triad of Discidium. The Sorceress explains that long ago evil sorcerers at the command of Hordak created the Triad of Discidium. He joined the pieces, resulting in the terrible spell of separation, which created the Light and Dark Hemispheres. Realizing that his own existence was in peril Hordak commanded his minions to stop the spell, the Triad being separated, thus saving the planet. The Sorceress informs He-Man now someone has found the first piece, and she fears seeks the other two. He-Man remarks that not even Skeletor is mad enough to destroy the whole planet. Meanwhile Roboto and Sy-Klone arrive in a Wind Raider at Anwat Gar, where Sy-Klone discovers that nothing remains of his family. At Subternia Two Bad manages to obtain the second artifact just as He-Man and Battle Cat appear, Two Bad manages to escape. Flying over the ocean in a Wind Raider Roboto tries to understand Sy-Klone's sad demeanor, but to no avail. Two Bad is confronted by the Mother Dragon as he attempts to retrieve the third piece. After defeating the Mother Dragon Two Bad locates the third piece, and as He-Man and Battle Cat arrive Two Bad once again escapes on his Terrordactyl.

Arriving at the Well of Darkness Two Bad places the Triad in the appropriate slot. The storm unleashed by the spell causes Two Bad to run away, leaving the spell of separation behind. He-Man arrives too late as the Sorceress informs that he has to return the three artifacts to where they were originally hidden. He-Man removes the Triad but the spell of separation begins to separate the planet. He-Man manages to replace the first of the three artifacts, but as they travel to the next location Battle Cat is injured by a collapsing tree. The Mother Dragon arrives and carries He-Man to Subternia. At the Royal Palace the Masters battle the storm's destruction. He-Man and the Mother Dragon are successful in replacing the second artifact.

As they depart the Sorceress informs He-Man that the planet is beginning to separate. He-Man manages to replace the last artifact, causing the spell and the destructive storms to cease. A short while later Roboto remarks that he no longer detects sadness in Sy-Klone. Sy-Klone states that the Masters are his family. At Snake Mountain Two Bad continues to argue with himself.

Synopsis By James Eatock

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