"The Council of Evil Part 1"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP125


Original Airdate: 10/04/03

In a remote area on Eternia the Evil Warriors depart their modes of transport and walk down a thin ravine in search of a weapon stored in a cavern that Skeletor has sent them to retrieve. Arriving at the end of the ravine they come to a cliff edge with no sign of a cavern. Evil-Lyn notices a gleam from high above them. The Evil Warriors all turn to see the Masters in full force. As the Evil Warriors attempt to escape the end of the ravine is blocked by a large rock. The villains look up to see He-Man standing atop the large rock. The Evil Warriors all attack He-Man at once, the most powerful man in the universe using his unique skills and strength to overpower each of the villains. The weakened villains look up at the Masters, and knowing that they are completely outnumbered surrender.

At Snake Mountain Skeletor watches his villains taken prisoner by the Masters of the Universe. Skeletor jokingly tells Panthor how awful the situation is. In the Eternian prison compound the Evil Warriors realize that they will not be able to escape their cells.

Man-At-Arms announces to the Masters and the guards that King Randor has decreed that the state of high alert is no longer in force. Teela comments to her father that she believes that they are leaving themselves a little shorthanded. Prince Adam argues that with all of the villains in lockup there is no one left to fight. Teela coldly remarks that Skeletor is not locked up. Man-At-Arms comments that it would be folly of Skeletor to try and mount an offensive of his own. Each of the Masters departs the Royal Palace to enjoy some quality time.

Skeletor from Snake Mountain watches as the Masters leave the Royal Palace, quoting "divide and conquer" telling his unseen allies that he has divided, and that it is time for them to conquer.

The palace alarm sounds and the remaining Masters are told by Man-At-Arms that there are indications of disturbances occurring in several sectors of the planet by unknown causes. Mekaneck, Roboto and Sy-Klone each fly to the trouble spots on their Sky Sleds.

As Adam and Teela arrive to see Man-At-Arms he rushes off stating that there has been an explosion in the Sands of Fire and that he is going to investigate. Man-At-Arms tells Adam and Teela to stay behind, reminding them that the new prison compound may be escape proof, but left unguarded would be an open invitation to Skeletor. At the Sands of Fire Man-At-Arms arrives on his Sky Sled where he is immediately attacked by Skeletor. The two duel fiercely as Skeletor reveals to Man-At-Arms that he purposely sent the Evil Warriors to an area he knew the Masters patrolled, hoping that they would be captured. Man-At-Arms realizes that Skeletor wanted the Masters to let down their guard, Skeletor adding that they obliged him perfectly. As Skeletor defeats Man-At-Arms he tells him that at that very moment they are being picked off one by one. At the Royal Palace Orko zips in to tell Adam and Teela that Stratos has been captured, Teela immediately stating that they need to locate the other Masters. The Sorceress telepathically contacts Adam telling him that a great evil is upon them.

Adam convinces Teela to stay behind to guard the Royal Palace, as he and Cringer leave to transform into He-Man and Battle Cat. At Snake Mountain Skeletor, alongside Panthor, congratulates his newly formed Council of Evil consisting of Azdar, Belzar, Chadzar, Count Marzo, Evilseed and Webstor. The giants fret that He-Man will soon arrive to save his friends, to which Skeletor replies that he is counting on that fact. He-Man and Battle Cat make their way toward Snake Mountain at great speed.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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Here's the deal. Skeletor is a complete jerk. Why do the evil warriors work for him? I asked myself this over and over as I watched this cartoon. I know that later Evil-Lynn sort of gets revenge for this fiasco. And Skeletor does well with his new coalition. But why can't he just hire them and keep them, in addition to his normal henchmen? So the evil warriors are locked up, and the Masters go on vacation. And Skeletor's new team finds a lot of success as they pick off the Masters one at a time. It is good to see the evil side win this time. They rarely do win in any MOTU series.


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