"The Council of Evil Part 2"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP126


Original Airdate: 10/11/03

He-Man and Battle Cat make their way towards Snake Mountain, where in a single dungeon all of the Masters are held prisoner. With Snake Mountain in sight He-Man hears muffled cries for help, upon investigating he finds Mekaneck imprisoned on a rock with vines. Azdar catches He-Man by surprise striking both he and Battle Cat with his large mallet, knocking them across the terrain. The three giants attack He-Man, but he defeats them.

Approaching to free Mekaneck, numerous vines overpower both He-Man and Battle Cat, and the pair are pulled to the ground. As He-Man appears helpless Evilseed and Count Marzo team-up turning the vines turn to stone.

Inside the Snake Mountain dungeon Man-At-Arms uses the connections on the back of Roboto to send a message to the Royal Palace, a message which only Orko hears. Skeletor zaps the back of Roboto's head canceling the message. Evilseed then drags Mekaneck into the room and drops him into the dungeon. Skeletor informs Man-At-Arms that he and his fellow Masters are still alive because he has decided to allow them to live just long enough to bear witness to his greatest achievement; the conquest of Castle Grayskull. A short while later Count Marzo presents to Skeletor the Ram Stone that he took from the Faceless One. Skeletor determines that it is time to move on Castle Grayskull. In the Royal Palace prison compound the Evil Warriors contemplate how to escape their respective jail cells. Still bound by the stone vines the Sorceress suggests that maybe Prince Adam would be of some assistance. Reaching for his sword He-Man manages to get his fingertips to the hilt. Holding the sword in his hand He-Man commands the power to return, enabling himself, as Prince Adam, and Cringer to escape.

Just as Adam prepares to transform once again Teela appears on her Sky Sled. Orko tells Adam that Skeletor has captured all of the Masters. Teela pulls Adam onto her Sky Sled, tells Orko to locate He-Man, and the two take off for Snake Mountain. As the Council of Evil prepare to leave, a Doomseeker reveals to Skeletor Adam and Teela heading towards Snake Mountain, Webstor stating that he will take care of them. With Teela piloting the Sky Sled, both her and Adam manage to avoid an attack by the three giants, and fly into one of the small caverns that are scattered throughout Snake Mountain. Webstor captures Teela and traps the Sword of Power in a web. Unfortunately the sword falls down from the web and into a chasm.Trapped on a tiny ledge with a sheer drop leading towards lava below Adam is cornered by Azdar and Webstor. The Prince falls from the ledge, but Cringer leaps across the lava pool catching him whilst in flight, the landing knocking Adam unconscious.

In the prison compound at the Royal Palace Kobra Khan and Rattlor prepare to free the Evil Warriors. The Sorceress contacts Adam, but he is too weak to move. He utters the word "Grayskull," prompting Cringer to bravely carry him from Snake Mountain to Castle Grayskull. Skeletor and his Council of Evil head towards Castle Grayskull. As Skeletor prepares to attack Grayskull from afar Count Marzo, possessing both the Ram Stone and his own Amulet, blasts Skeletor.

An unharmed Skeletor floats back towards Count Marzo and takes both magical objects from him. Skeletor combines the power of both objects and fires a blast which traverses the land striking Castle Grayskull, and knocking the Sorceress deep into the abyss within Castle Grayskull. Prince Adam and Cringer arrive at Castle Grayskull seconds before the Council of Evil and the escaped Evil Warriors arrive in force.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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I missed a small part of this episode on my DVD. I realize that I could have corrected this but I figure, oh-well. The part that I missed was where Adam and Cringer recover the sword and rescue the masters.Well, we see that the villains have a solid lead over the masters in this episode. We did get to see Adam and Cringer do some stuff apart from He-Man in this episode, and that was good. And it makes us believe in Adam even when Skeletor ridicules him at Grayskull. Then the Evil warriors show up, and you know this is probably it…Until next season!

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