"The Last Stand"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 2
Writer: Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP201


Original Airdate: 10/18/03

Adam is stuck between a rock and a hard place. After his fellow Masters were systematically picked off by Skeletor and his Council of Evil, he and Cringer are defenseless outside the door of Castle Grayskull with the Sorceress incapacitated by Skeletor. Adam's slim hopes of back up are dashed when he sees a group of heroic vehicles heading towards them, but realizes that it is the Evil Warriors at their controls, having recently been freed by Kobra Khan, a fact that Evil-Lyn wishes to keep secret from Skeletor.

Skeletor goes to break into Castle Grayskull, but the plucky prince intervenes by stealing his Havoc Staff. Skeletor makes him pay for this by blasting him into the Abyss. Moss-Man, Orko and Zodak reveal their hands by freeing the Masters, giving Prince Adam back his sword of power and awakening the Sorceress, respectively. Adam changes into He-Man and arises from the Abyss. His first action is to destroy the Ram Stone. He looks down on his fallen pet, Cringer, then looks to the man who struck him, Skeletor, and a duel begins; He-Man against the combined forces of Skeletor. He-Man manages to beat most of Skeletor's forces, but the combined magic of his bony opponent, Evil-Lyn and Count Marzo are too much for him, and he is knocked back towards the protective shield that has generated around Castle Grayskull.

The Masters arrive just in time led by Moss-Man to back He-Man up, and a full-scale battle ensues. The Giants and Evilseed decide that they were better off on their own, and they go their own ways. He-Man bats Count Marzo's Amulet far away, and the Sorceress and Zodak tap the power of the elders in order to trap him once again in his frail dwarf form. Webstor swears his loyalty to Skeletor, but it is too late, and the Evil Warriors are called to retreat. Teela pushes to go after them, but Man-At-Arms calls the battle over and leads the Masters back to the Royal Palace so that he can give his report to the King.

There, he tells King Randor of what happened and how they were freed and were able to keep Skeletor from gaining the power of Castle Grayskull. He then confesses his guilt over the whole situation that led to them being caught by surprise, and offers his resignation. King Randor refuses his close friend Duncan's notice, and shares in the blame. Queen Marlena pulls them out of their self-sorrow and spurs the King onto form a council of good dedicated to protecting Eternia from Skeletor and to govern in times of war.

At Snake Mountain, Skeletor himself is fuming over his defeat, but elsewhere, more chicanery is taking place unbeknownst to him. Kobra Khan meets with Evil-Lyn in secret to collect the debt owed to him. Evil-Lyn initially refuses, but when Kobra Khan reveals that Skeletor did plan for her and the others to be captured to lull the Masters into a false sense of security, she thinks again. The two form a secret alliance with the aim of freeing King Hiss from the void.

Synopsis by Dave Newman

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Predictably, the Evil warriors are easily bested by the Masters this time. It's hard to believe that the Council of Evil pretty much just gave up. Man-At-Arms and Randor also have a predictable moment, where they both say "It's my fault." Then Randor thinks (in my words "Skeletor made a Counclil of Evil. Why can't I make a Council of Good?" Duh!I just wish that there was a better reason for the villains to leave. The Masters were in a bad dungeon situation, whereas the Evil Warriors had comfortable jail. And the Masters were still able to beat them? Ok, so we also see He-Man's limit. Skeletor+Evil-Lyn+Count Marzo's magic combined is enough to knock him back. How come Skeletor doesn't analyze this? Apparently, this is the breaking point for He-Man! Skeletor could now use this knowledge to beat him. Maybe I am giving him too much credit. But I have always thought of Skeletor as an evil genius at the least. Maybe I am smarter? He-Man shows all heart in this one. And his anger about cringer being hurt drives him to fight harder than ever. This might lead him to a dark place, Star Wars style. And why doesn't it, is what I want to know. He should show more humanity. His best friend and pet was maybe killed. He should be ticked and really hurt the bone-head, or at least the other villains. But no one gets hurt. They just retreat before he gets a chance to do any damage. LAME. This was not the best episode to cap off the Council of Evil theme that had us on the edge of our chair. I love the story arc. I just wish it ended stronger.

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