"To Walk With Dragons"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Season: 2
Writer: Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP202


Original Airdate: 10/25/03

Production of new artillery is stepped up at the Royal Palace of Eternia as the new council arrives from all over Eternia for their inaugural meeting. Skeletor finds out about this and wishes to crash the meeting so that they cannot gain the advantage over him. Beast Man suggests sending serpintaurs to attack the high tower of the palace where the council meeting will take place. The only problem is that dragons might attack them. Stinkor is dispatched to drive them off with his stink powers, sending the dragons fleeing back to Dragon Valley. The Masters see the dragons flying overhead and learn that serpintaurs are being rounded up at Snake Mountain and will probably be sent to disrupt the meeting. Man-At-Arms decides to heighten up the security, but still feels that the serpintaurs could have a devastating effect. Prince Adam suggests building their own dragons, which inspires the rapid construction of the colossal Dragon Walkers, robotic dragons that could deceive the poor-sighted serpintaurs into thinking they are their natural enemies and drive them back.

The council meeting, with representatives from Stilla, Felis Qadi, Andreenos, Avion and other places from over Eternia, begins. The serpintaurs attack, but are driven back by the Masters on the Dragon Walkers. However, they regroup in greater numbers and attack again, this time gaining the upper hand. Stratos and Orko, who is terrified of dragons after his previous encounter with them, go off to Dragon Valley to lure back the real thing, the only thing capable of properly stopping the dragons.

Once there, Orko conjures a bright image of the serpintaurs, and the dragons fly off to battle them. Meanwhile, the Dragon Walkers are about to expire, as Beast Man leads a pair of serpintaurs onto the palace. He-Man heads off after him on a Dragon Walker powered by Roboto's spare power cell. The dragons return and fight off the serpintaurs off once again. The last two serpintaurs wrap themselves around the high tower and prepare to attack the council members, but He-Man arrives just in the nick of time. He vanquishes Beast Man and then explodes the power cell of his Dragon Walker in the faces of the serpintaurs, ending their threat. The confidence of the council members is boosted by the show of force by He-Man, and they solidify their union.

Synopsis by David Newman

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