"Out of the Past"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 2
Writer: Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP203


Original Airdate: 11/01/03

After a battle with Skeletor, Teela has a vision and is drawn to a village called Pelleezeea. She falls from her Sky Sled and is taken in by the diminutive Pelleezeans, who proclaim that she has "returned".

Meanwhile, Skeletor unveils his Minion Maker and creates slime-covered mutant bone warriors. Stinkor urges Skeletor to test them out on Pelleezeea, his own hometown, which he was banished from in his youth. When Teela awakens, the village Shaman "refreshes her memory" at the Wall of Remembrance. The carving on the wall shows a woman who looks similar to Teela and appeared in her earlier vision, but it cannot be her as it is from before her birth.

At the same time, the Sorceress calls Man-At-Arms to Castle Grayskull to reveal something of her past and her link with the village. The Sorceress tells Man-At-Arms that long ago, she left Castle Grayskull in more peaceful times to wander Eternia. She came to Pelleezeea and settled there in a form of the woman in the carving on the Wall of Remembrance, for it was her that the Pelleezeans were commemorating. She enjoyed her time there, but the peace was shattered by an attack by the evil Prahvus and his men.

The younger Odiphus, now Stinkor, had betrayed his village to Prahvus by telling him where they kept their weapons. The Sorceress fought off Prahvus and his raiders, and Odiphus was punished with banishment. Soon after, Prahvus and others initiated the time of the Great Unrest, bringing Eternia into an age of war again. An unknown soldier with no memory and a battle-ravaged face and arm came to the village. He and the Sorceress fell in love, and they became husband and wife.

The Sorceress reveals that she is telling Duncan this so that Teela must be kept unaware of her heritage. Back at the village, Teela prepares to leave, but the Shaman has stolen the power cell from her Sky Sled so that she must stay to protect them. Again, she goes to leave, but Skeletor arrives with his new creations and unleashes them on the village.

He-Man and Man-At-Arms come to fight them and back up Teela. The Masters struggle against them, but they learn that fire is the weakness of the bone warriors. For fire cooks them turning them solid, which allows them to be shattered. Teela loses the ends of her hair in the battle, completing her resemblance to her mother, the Sorceress, when she stayed in Pelleezeea. With her destiny fulfilled, Teela heads home. Man-At-Arms ponders the Wall of Remembrance, where the Sorceress appears and reveals to him what became of her husband. He eventually regained his memory and returned to the battle, presumably, as he quietly departed one morning.

The Sorceress was also forced to return to Castle Grayskull, but this time she went with a new addition, pregnant with Teela. Man-At-Arms remains to wonder whom Teela's father is.

Synopsis by Dave Newman

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