"The Price of Deceit"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 2
Writer: Larry DiTillio Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP206


Original Airdate: 11/22/03

Evil-Lyn is on the run from Skeletor and the Evil Warriors. She heads for Zalesia where her father, the Faceless One, resides. He is unable to help her from within his home, so he sends a message to the Royal Palace of Eternia for help. He appeals to Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms to help save a living being that Skeletor intends to sacrifice at the Pool of Shadows, which would unleash unknown evil forces on Eternia from the Forsaken Realm. Not for one moment does the Faceless One reveal that Evil-Lyn is the being that must be saved.

Prince Adam transforms into He-Man and journeys to the Pool of Shadows in the Wind Raider. Sssqueeze and Tung Lashor conclude a search for the Tablet of the Elders, something that King Hiss can use in one of his awful plans. Skeletor prepares Evil-Lyn to be banished to the Forsaken Realm as the price of her deceit. She begs for mercy and reminds him of how they were once great allies, and how she helped save his life.

As He-Man makes his way to the Pool of Shadows, Evil-Lyn reminds Skeletor how when he was dying, as a result of the acid that splashed in his face off of the shield of King Randor, she took him to Hordak's altar. Hordak transformed Keldor into Skeletor, saving his life and replacing his mutilated face with a floating skull for a head. Skeletor remains unimpressed and opens the gateway to the Forsaken Realm. A beast emerges from the Pool of Shadows and asks for a sacrifice. He-Man arrives and is shocked to see that it is Evil-Lyn that Skeletor intends to sacrifice. He-Man saves Evil-Lyn, and with the inadvertent help of Skeletor, he sends the frightful thing back to where it came from. Evil-Lyn asks why He-Man would save her, and He-Man reveals the Faceless One's cry for help.

Evil-Lyn ponders changing her ways, but quickly lets go of the thought and blasts He-Man instead. Evil-Lyn frees Skeletor from the rubble, and once again returns to his side. In Subternia, King Hiss appears alive and well and with the Tablet of the Elders in his possession, he commits himself to conquering Eternia.

Synopsis by Dave Newman

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