"Of Machines and Men"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 2
Writer: Michael Halperin Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP207


Original Airdate: 11/29/03

While heading home from Mintaura after a meeting with King Taurius, Queen Marlena's aircraft loses power and crashes over the Corridors of Lithos. Similar power outages affect the Masters at the Royal Palace of Eternia and the Evil Warriors at Snake Mountain. Prince Adam turns into He-Man while a suit of Battle Armor is sent to the palace by a strange being named Sortech.

King Randor departs on Battle Cat to look for Queen Marlena, as He-Man puts on the Battle Armor and follows Sortech's beckoning to seek an end to the technological wipeout that the being has caused. A similar piece of Battle Armor shows up at Snake Mountain.

He-Man arrives at Sortech's lair and has to fight off a group of mechanical creatures with the Battle Armor. Sortech appears to be testing He-Man and demonstrates his power upon him. He-Man discovers that Sortech is actually a withered scientist who is relying on technical aids to keep him alive, powered by a device called the Ergon. The wizard reveals how he invented the Ergon, but evil forces used it for their own purposes. It ultimately destroyed them and almost destroyed Sortech. He retreated to this place and repaired it enough to use to keep himself alive, but it now needs repairing, which is why Sortech called He-Man and Skeletor, the most powerful individuals on Eternia, to help him.

Skeletor arrives and fires at He-Man. Skeletor threatens to take the Ergon for himself at the cost of Sortech's life. With He-Man's help, Sortech cuts off the power to Skeletor's Battle Armor, allowing him to be defeated. He-Man repairs the Ergon, which allows Sortech to live on having learnt that all he needed to do was ask for his help. Sortech returns the power to Eternia.

In the Corridors of Lithos, the Snake Men stalk Queen Marlena. Battle Cat remembers a cave that he, Prince Adam and Queen Marlena used to go to years ago. He takes King Randor there, and they save her from an attack by Kobra Khan and Tung Lashor. Battle Cat and the royals thrash their opponents, but they slither away to fight another day.

Synopsis by Dave Newman

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I've watched this one a few times. My kids love it! I like seeing He-man and Skeletor in their super armors. I refuse to call them Battle Armors! That would be blasphemy! I abhor the "Wizard-of-Oz" treatment given to this story. ("Don't pay any attention to that pathetic creature." And yet he was really crying out for attention..no?) I wonder why no one on Eternia knew about the Ergon, or Sortech? I also wonder why Sortech did not know that Skeletor was evil? Why has he cut himself off from at least knowing what is going on down there in Eternia? More questions….Does Sortech's lair float in space, or is it inter-demensional?,,,Did the 2002 series abandon the use of Eternium? Or is that a part of the way the Ergon works? What does Sortech do all day? how come he couldn't get those attack machines to help him out, and leave He-Man and Skeletor out of it? So he knew who the most powerful forces on Eternia were, how come he didn't know who had the most technology sense. Why not call Man-At-Arms? Can Sortech cut off the Dark Hemisphere from his network? Did He-Man explain all of this too him? Questions, questions. But I would buy the super armor toys if given the chance. They are so cool! But I think this is the point, isn't it. Mattel was able to sell a toy based on a cartoon. The story was the casualty here. But my kids enjoy it!

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