"Rattle of the Snake"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 2
Writer: Steven Melching Story Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP211


Original Airdate: 12/27/03

Man-At-Arms repairs his brother Fisto's damaged hand by replacing it with a bionic fist. Fisto tries to tell him what happened to him to cause his absence during the Great Unrest, but they are interrupted by a call to Spelea and head off to see what the commotion is.

In Spelea, Lord Dactys and his warriors defend their kingdom from a Caligar attack. Members of Ceratus's tribe have gone missing, and he believes that the Speleans are responsible. King Randor arrives with the Masters to stop the fighting. One of the missing Caligars returns and reveals that the Snake Men captured him and his group. King Randor takes Ceratus and Dactys aside to mediate a truce between the two races while the Masters go to search for the missing Caligars.

The Snake Men have the Caligars manning a drilling machine, and break into the Temple of Serpos. In the Eternian Stronghold, General Rattlor fools Roboto into opening his cage door, and then incapacitates him and escapes to join up with his leader. The Masters catch up with the Snake Men at the Temple of Serpos and they begin fighting. Prince Adam changes into He-Man and takes on the Guardians of Old, giant snakes awakened by King Hiss. General Rattlor returns to his King's side, and is infuriated to learn that Kobra Khan knew of his capture and did nothing to help him. King Hiss takes possession of the Medallion of Serpos, and departs with the Snake Men, leaving He-Man and the Masters to defeat the Guardians. King Randor arrives to help fight the Guardians with Ceratus and Lord Dactys in tow. Altogether, they defeat the giant beasts.

Ceratus learns that one of his people was eaten by King Hiss, and vows to help fight the Snake Men, spurring a truce between the Caligars and the Speleans. In the same spirit, Fisto and Duncan put aside their differences and make up.

Synopsis by Dave Newman

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