Snoopy and a Smurf?

by James Eatock

Filmation's Storyboard Department consisted of a group of talented people who not only enjoyed their work on the show, but who also loved to include jokes within their storyboards. Aside from being one of the nicest guys in the animation industry, storyboard artist, director, and occasional animator Tom Sito was amongst this group during his time at Filmation! As an example the subsequent panel from the season one He-Man episode "The Heart of A Giant" indicates the camera to pan across a group of creatures from left to right. However careful inspection at the far right of the panel will reveal that in this group Tom Sito included Snoopy and a Smurf! Unsurprisingly neither of these two made a cameo in the animated sequence...

Of course the other thing to mention about this shot (and the shot that wound up in the episode) is that all of the creatures are from other episodes from season one. In the above illustration from left to right we can see Tik and Tok from "Orko's Missing Magic", a Slotto from "Evil Lyn's Plot", Gark from "Orko's Favorite Uncle", Zalt from "Orko's Missing Magic" and Gorgon from "The Defection". Even more characters from the series appear in the actual animated shot.

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