The cowardly cat's point of view.

by James Eatock

The season two episode "Battlecat" features one of my favorite variations on the transformation sequence. When Cringer witnesses Prince Adam transforming into He-Man we are treated to a shot from the cowardly cat's point of view.

As good as the final shot is, you'll notice that the original storyboard panel (drawn by Hal Sutherland) is slightly more dramatic with Prince Adam's pose and Cringer's positioning.

This was often the case with storyboard artwork when transferred to screen. The storyboards had to meet the approval of the director, then the layout artist would interpret the storyboard panels, then the animator would pencil the shot, and of course it would finally be animated. During this entire process the director would make sure that his vision was strictly adhered to. On this occasion I think the director should have stayed true to Hal's storyboard panel which was easily more evocative, as brief as the shot was.

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