He knows what to do!

by James Eatock

Storyboard artist, director, and occasional animator Tom Sito always liked to include jokes within his work. His storyboards to the season one episode "Castle of Heroes" are no exception! Many of the panels are loaded with very expressive comical drawings, but by far two of the funniest panels have Skeletor ranting and sulking while a very odd-looking Clawful looks on!

Some directors would frown upon these kinds of storyboards, because they were not paying attention to the model sheets or structure of the Filmation stock system. What Tom Sito would often try and do is make all the scenes pop with life, hoping that the director, layout artists, and animators stay true to his boards. There was no fear on Tom's part that the layout artists would've ended up drawing Clawful looking like a glove puppet!

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