Busta Toon's Fake Title Cards

MU131 onwards?

What do you do when you have the images, musical scores and font used on the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe title cards? Create fake title cards of course!

Back in December (not April) of 2002, I decided to play a practical joke (once again) on the He-Man and She-Ra fans that visit He-Man.org's Bulletin Boards!

I came up with the idea that further episodes had been created, but not fully completed. So to tease the fans I created just the title cards of these "lost" episodes. The real trick was not to be too obvious. No one is going to fall for an episode called "Count Marzo's Return" or "Skeletor's Origin." The best thing to do is be really vague with the titles. Something like "Nothing to Fear" is perfect!

There are a lot of little surprises in these cards, like Tom Tataranowicz directing two He-Man episodes, animator Sherry Wheeler writing an episode, and the one that was supposed to give the game away (but did not); Michael Halperin writing an episode. People realized it was all one big scam when I created the final title card, which was definitely not the title of a He-Man episode (as you will see)!


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