He-man Remix

by James Eatock 


What happens when you mix Adam, He-Man, Teela, and a Monster, with Busta Toons?

In 2001 I decided that I wanted to animate He-Man, as it had been too many years since the most powerful man in the universe had graced the animated scene. The basic idea for this animated short was to tell a story that had a beginning and an end with a substantial amount of action in-between.

Instead of writing the idea down on paper and scripting the action I did what the old Warner Brothers animation directors did; create the story by boarding it first! The storyboards were drawn about half a year in advance of me getting around to animating it. I pretty much followed what I had boarded originally, making only a few changes.

As I was animating the short and making minor changes I had to make additional sketches and notes so that I could keep track of what I was supposed to be doing. Below you can see how I created some of the new scenes, and just how messy my notes can be.



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