I Love 1983

By James Eatock

The BBC's seven-minute segment on He-Man and She-Ra.

On the 10th February 2001, the UK's BBC TWO aired their special I Love 1983 program. The special focused on pop culture elements of the year 1983, and one of those elements was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. This segment concentrated on the animated series more than anything, and also featured a small part based on She-Ra, which did not appear on TV until 1985. Surprisingly the makers of the program went to great lengths to make this segment interesting for the general public. They actually conducted interviews relating to the cartoon series, and did not just get any name from the credits; they made sure the names being picked for interview were some of the big names. Other cartoons were featured on other specials, I Love 1984 featured the Transformers, and I Love 1988 starred the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Out of the three specials He-Man was treated with a great deal of respect by the program makers, and the clips featured were pretty decent!

And in order of appearance:

Roland Rat
I Love 1983 was presented by Roland Rat; a puppet-star of that particular year who was famed for saving an early-morning chat show when it was close to being cancelled.

Adam Bloom
Adam is a stand-up comedian who tends to shy away from the limelight, but is successful in the independent comedy circuit. He describes both the He-Man and She-Ra series with some affection, more so with She-Ra, and her assets!

Kate Thornton
Kate is journalist and sometimes TV-presenter. She gives a pretty convincing account of her He-Man and She-Ra viewing, but possibly the worst impression of Skeletor ever!

Ben Miller
Ben talks briefly about the cartoons of the eighties. Ben is known for his versatile roles on television in both comedy and serious acting.

Robby London
The writer of He-Man's first episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" the classic "Double Edged Sword" and the very memorable "Dawn of Dragoon" gives a pretty good account of He-Man's popularity.

Em Bowen
The BBC contacted Emily Bowen to interview her about He-Man from a fan's perspective. She was asked her personal opinions about some of the elements of the show and did her very best to try and steer it towards a meaningful conversation.

Lou Scheimer
Lou was the executive producer of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra Princess of Power, and of course the voice of many characters in both the He-Man and She-Ra series. But given the fact that he only appears on screen for about five seconds, you would be forgiven for thinking that he was just a bit-player.

Johnny Vegas
Johnny is a comedian that became popular after his run of adverts in 2001 promoting digital television with a puppet monkey, called Monkey! He describes He-Man and She-Ra in his own unique way.

Alan Oppenheimer
Alan was the voice actor who brought Skeletor to life. Giving Skeletor the unique voice and that extraordinary laugh took talent, the talent who also voiced Man-At-Arms, Cringer, Battle Cat, Mer-Man and many other characters. See him impersonate Skeletor and Mer-Man!

Finally it should be mentioned that fans expecting an in-depth analysis of the He-Man and She-Ra craze will miss out. This is roughly a seven-minute segment of entertainment. It should be noted that the BBC never originally showed He-Man back in the eighties, it was ITV the BBC's rival channel!


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