"Isn't that-?"

by James Eatock

Who is that holding the Starsword aloft?

Blackstar appearing on He-Man? For those of you who do not know, Blackstar was the series that came out just before He-Man, by Filmation Studios, and although it only had 13 episodes, many respect it. In the season one episode "Temple of The Sun," Nepthu searches for an ancient scarab, and finds it gaining great powers, and becoming the episode's main villain.

As the camera pans across to where Nepthu desperately searches, we can see in the background a few statues. The very prominent statue holding a sword above his head is none other than Blackstar. Obviously the artists thought it would be a good inside joke to include this character from a former series. In the close up we can see that it definitely is Blackstar, holding the Starsword aloft.

Blackstar definitely retained his look, even as a statue. The artists made sure that even in a simple background painting the character still looked the same. Always remember that the show Blackstar was in many ways responsible for the He-Man show getting off the ground.

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