On the Internet

by James Eatock

Back in 1995 He-Man and She-Ra debuted on the Internet, and the quest for the episodes began!

The He-Man and She-Ra fan community appeared on the Internet in 1995. My own personal goal was to find out how many episodes of He-Man and She-Ra there were. It was not an easy task. Fortunately there were a few of us who were determined to find out the answer.

Back in November 1995 I discovered the Internet.

I was completely against the idea of the Internet until my father showed me that I could actually find information relating to Hip Hop music. A few weeks later I dared to search for He-Man, because I was still in the frame of mind that I was the only person who still watched He-Man and She-Ra.

It was at this first search that I discovered Kevin Herbert's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe page. Adam Tyner was the first person I ever discussed He-Man episodes with on the Internet. We were at the time trying to figure out how many episodes of He-Man and She-Ra there were. We didn't have a clue, so I began compiling a list. Even though I didn't have every episode I could still remember a lot of scenes and character appearances. Obviously I didn't have the titles for these episodes, so I began to write down what I remembered; "Yellow robot attacks Eternia," which eventually turned out to be "Return of Evil" and "Spikor fights Fisto in competition" which became "The Games."

Early in 1996 Scott White emailed me. He had managed to record a lot of episodes from the re-runs on the USA network. With Scott's information I was able to create a more defined episode list. I would email Scott my memories of certain episodes, and he was able to name the episode title, and on many occasions send me a sound clip! A sound clip I had wanted to hear for many years was from the end of Act Two of "House of Shokoti" Part 1. I had not seen the episode in just over 10 years. So when Scott sent me the first ever sound clip, I made sure it was from that specific episode.

In earlier emails with Adam Tyner we had been told of an episode where He-Man surrenders his powers thinking that he has actually killed someone. We both denied that such an episode could exist. I was especially against the idea that Filmation could ever make such an episode. In the first few emails I received from Scott White, he confirmed that this episode was titled "The Problem With Power," and sent me many sound clips from the episode.

With Scott's help I eventually created a list of about 124 episodes, and gathered that the He-Man series must have 130 episodes in total. The problem was, the information was very hard to get hold of, and so we were stuck for a long time at around the 124 mark. People began to appear on the He-Man mailing list in 1996 and 1997, and with this came some new episode titles. Robbie Beiswenger appeared with "The Bitter Rose" and "Not so Blind," Rodrick Hannah gave us the extremely rare "Reign of the Monster," and Zadoc Angell appeared on the scene in 1997 with "Hunt for He Man."

We had a list of 128 episodes, but the last two eluded us for quite a while. In the meantime, from the information from the She-Ra fans, we figured out that She-Ra only had 65 episodes in one season with a lot of help from Jay Mahin. Owen Sharp suddenly debuted on the He-Man scene in 1997 and without warning had listed (as a writing project back in the 80's) every single episode of He-Man and She-Ra! The missing two He-Man episodes were "The Once and Future Duke" and "Trouble's Middle Name."

Not only did Owen provide us with this information, but we also learned that She-Ra did in fact have a second season of 28 episodes. At the time Owen had only listed 14, but he confirmed that another 14 were made for the latter part of She-Ra's season two. A few trades later and Stephanie Bashar provided us with the final 14 She-Ra episode titles. It was at that time that Zadoc would email me to let me know about these unheard of episodes as he had received the copies first. Every day a new email would arrive with a very brief review of a She-Ra episode. Finally when the episodes arrived on my doorstep the mission was complete.

We had all the He-Man and She-Ra episodes listed!


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