Power Pose

by James Eatock

Two very memorable poses that should not be used in regular animation sequences.

Sometimes to cut corners, Filmation directors would need to have a certain pose or animation sequence in an episode. So they would refer to another piece of previous existing animation. That way it would be quicker and far easier to animate a new scene based on existing animation. One of the most notable reuses was that of He-Man's pose during the transformation sequence, in which he positions the sword across his chest. This piece of animation was seen in a majority of the episodes, and therefore it was usually a bad idea to reuse a pose so very familiar to the audience. Still, Filmation did!

Here is one of the most famous scenes in the entire He-Man series:

MU12 - "Evil-Lyn's Plot"
Skeletor's manages to snatch He-Man's sword, but doesn't this pose look a little familiar? I could have sworn we've seen it somewhere before.

MU20 - "Dawn of Dragoon"
Prince Adam realizes that he cannot change into He-Man, and what better way to show this than by holding the sword across his chest?

MU90 - "One for All"
Prince Adam loses his sword, but good old Cringer goes and retrieves it from the pirate Sticky Fingers. After picking up the sword, Adam decides to immediately change into He-Man by holding the sword aloft, thus reversing the motion when he lowers the sword as He-Man, which he actually does do a few seconds later.

And so with the He-Man series over, it was time to reuse She-Ra's transformation pose:

PP19 - "Enchanted Castle"
Here is Adora reclaiming her sword from the evil enchantress Mortella, and doing her best She-Ra impression by all accounts.

Why people could never figure out that He-Man was Prince Adam and She-Ra was Adora I'll never know.


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