Skeletor on an Ice Hacker?

by James Eatock

He-Man's "The Dragon Invasion" and "The Dragon's Gift" share more than just a similar title.

Physical battle scenes are not too commonplace in the He-Man and She-Ra series, especially one on one hand-to-hand combat. Occasionally to cut costs Filmation would reuse battle scenes, and very occasionally they would reanimate an identical battle with different characters.

As soon as Skeletor gains complete control of the Dragon Pearl in the episode "The Dragon Invasion," he wastes no time in using it. It's especially shocking when we see the giant hand of Skeletor grab He-Man's small arm and force him to the ground. So imagine how much more shocking it is when we see an Ice Hacker in "The Dragon's Gift," grab He-Man's small arm and force him to the ground in exactly the same way!

On the left we have the images from
MU9 - "The Dragon Invasion."

And on the right we have the images from
MU34 - "The Dragon's Gift."







Maybe it's because they both have the word "Dragon" in the title of the episode?

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