Spikor Posing

by James Eatock

Director Richard Trueblood decides to animate Spikor quite wildly, proving that the character was not a total loser.

In He-Man's average season two episode "The Games" director Richard Trueblood decides to animate Spikor quite wildly, and the character poses all over the place.

Skeletor introduces the Evilgizer to increase the evil in his not-so-infamous allies. The whole point of the machine is to make Spikor satisfactorily villainous for the Vendarians. The problem is that when Spikor falls out of the magic chamber, he seems to be no more evil than when he went in. As the Evilgizer works away we see Spikor going through all sorts of pain as he is bombarded with some sort of energy. The poses he strikes in this one scene alone look fantastic!

Not only does Spikor sound stupid, but he acts immature and childish. One of the funniest scenes in this episode occurs near the end as Spikor confronts He-Man. Spikor begins a small announcement in his unusual fragmented way, "Game-piece-will-be-mine!-Spikor-will-be-win-ner!-Spikor-is-strong-est!" It is hilarious to behold, as are the poses he strikes as he declares his imminent victory.

The ease with which Filmation animators move Spikor is astounding. His spikes represent a special challenge in that they change with the viewpoint. Some can be pointing far way, while others are pointed squarely at the camera.

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