The 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows

by James Eatock

The UK's Channel Four polled The 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows. Where did He-Man finish?

The UK's Channel Four decided to do The 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows on 27th August 2001. After a poll with many votes cast, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe finished in tenth position, much to the chagrin of the producers. They had obviously thought that the program was going to end up a long way behind first place and thus no creators were interviewed, no decent clips were shown and some of the weirdest comments about He-Man are featured. It should be noted that this poll received a lot of bad feedback for letting The Simpsons be entered as a cartoon for kids (when it is clearly an adult-based cartoon), and subsequently winning!

And in order of appearance:

Stephen Armstrong
Stephen gives possibly the most misguided and unintentionally-comical interview about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Apparently the show was related to America's war on the USSR, and for this reason is "quite scary." It is more than probable that Stephen had never seen an episode in his life. Stephen Armstrong is known for writing about advertising, media and culture in the UK.

Jerry Beck
Jerry is well-known for being the animation historian and giving the world complete episode guides to hundreds of cartoons! He gives a decent interview explaining how He-Man was the first toy-based cartoon.

Heather Hendershot
Heather explains how Filmation made sixty-five episodes of He-Man. Heather is a media expert in the US, and writes many columns for many magazines.

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