This Forest

by James Eatock

A map is just a map, isn't it?

"Prince Adam No More" from He-Man's season one contains possibly one of the most amusing map descriptions in the series. The script dictated that a map was to be shown, accompanied by King Randor asking what the first stop on their journey would be. The map was only on screen for about two seconds, but looking at the map we can find a few interesting locations on Eternia.

The map may look purely innocent, but it does have a few jokes placed on it, some intentional, and some not.

At the top of the map we have the oddly named "Evil Area," and in keeping with the same silly style of naming areas, directly at the bottom we have "Bad Mountains." These are very child-like descriptions, yet amusing because of their simplicity. "Drisdos City" is their destination, and "Emerald City" appears to be on the map to give it some credibility.

The two most interesting locations on the map are "This Forest," which is such an obvious, simple and yet clever joke, and "Herschensohn Lake," which is a tribute to the late Wes Herschensohn, a member of the Filmation staff who was very influential, but passed away in the later years of production.

Fortunately, all of the other maps that appeared in He-Man and She-Ra were a little more reliable than this one!

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